New SkillPointe Feature Makes it Easy to Search and Compare State License and Certification Requirements

Posted on February 14th, 2022
Older woman works with occupational therapist
some medical careers, such as occupational therapy, require an occupational license,

Proprietary Tool Brings Clarity to Murky State Occupational Regulations

SkillPointe, the number one resource for career guidance, training, scholarships, and best local jobs not requiring a college degree, today launched LicensePointe, a one-of-a-kind solution to help simplify complicated occupational licensing and certification regulations related to skilled careers in different states and industries.

Most highly desirable careers in healthcare, education, construction, manufacturing, and other high-growth industries require a state license or certification before a job seeker can begin working in their state, but states have different education or experience requirements, exams, fees, and application forms — making the career discovery and job search process overwhelming for job seekers and career changers who are new to their field.

"Licenses and certifications are often required in many high-paying skilled occupations, but even if they are not mandatory, we see huge benefits in getting licensed or certified,” said James Franchi, SkillPointe CEO. "Unemployment rates are much lower for licensed professionals, and their salaries are higher as well. Licenses and certifications are a must-have for successful growth in skilled careers.”

LicensePointe brings much needed clarity to the complicated world of state regulations. This unique search and comparison tool is based on extensive research into state licenses and certifications, including data collected from public data sources and local licensing board websites. SkillPointe makes it easy to find exactly what is required to start working in a profession in each state. Site visitors can easily learn more about everything that is required and link directly to the local license application so they can get started fast.

“Licensed pros now comprise nearly 25% of all employed Americans and that number is growing,” said Art Oleszczuk, SkillPointe CMO. "With 75% of healthcare workers being licensed, it’s by far our most popular license category on the site but growing concerns for worker and public safety in other industries have created many new local regulations that are difficult for job seekers to navigate. SkillPointe now makes that navigation much easier.”

The new LicensePointe search tool is available here.