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Public service careers offer a chance to give back. Whether you want to be a criminal investigator, social services assistant or environmental field technician, our deep database will help you find the training program you need to get started! Search through certificate, micro-certificate, technical diploma and associate degree programs to find your best fit. 

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Correctional officer walks through prison aisle

Correctional Officer

Median Salary: $49,400
Jobs Available: 32,700+
A criminal investigator takes photos at a crime scene

Criminal Investigator

Median Salary: $83,500
Jobs Available: 8,500+
paramedics stabilize a female patient on a gurney in front of an ambulance

EMTs and Paramedics

Median Salary: $43,300
Jobs Available: 21,000+
An environmental field technician collects a water sample

Environmental Field Technician

Median Salary: $48,100
Jobs Available: 4,800+
Firefighters work together in a training exercise to put out a fire


Median Salary: $51,200
Jobs Available: 26,600+
A paralegal or legal assistant does research for lawyers

Paralegal and Legal Assistant

Median Salary: $57,200
Jobs Available: 44,900+
Female police officer stands by her patrol car

Police Officer

Median Salary: $65,200
Jobs Available: 59,100+
A black female preschool teacher helps three preschool students learn their shapes

Preschool Teacher

Median Salary: $34,100
Jobs Available: 57,900+
A social services assistant checks on an elderly client in a medical setting

Social Services Assistant

Median Salary: $37,900
Jobs Available: 58,600+
A teacher assistant helps two students with classwork

Teacher Assistant

Median Salary: $30,900
Jobs Available: 137,000+

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