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If you've never considered a job in advanced manufacturing, you’re missing out. Machinists and industrial machinery mechanics are harnessing technology like 3D printing and augmented reality in incredible ways — and making a good salary doing it.

Explore manufacturing careers, find manufacturing training (sorted by career), get manufacturing industry news and learn from our industry ambassadors what it's really like to do the job.

An electronics engineering technician tests a product in a lab for EMC compliance

Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technician

Median Salary: $74,700
Jobs Available: 18,500+

These skilled technicians go by many names and are needed in many industries for their expertise in electrical systems and circuitry.

Electromechanical technicians maintain equipment like the robotic arm in a car factory

Electro-Mechanical Technician

Median Salary: $61,300
Jobs Available: 1,100+

The future of manufacturing is cooler than you think. These technicians keep all the robotic equipment and mechatronics working smoothly.

An industrial engineering technician reviews a blueprint while talking on a walkie-talkie in front of a worksite

Industrial Engineering Technician

Median Salary: $61,300
Jobs Available: 6,600+

Through keen observation and creative thinking, these technicians help employees and systems operate more effectively.

An industrial machinery mechanic or industrial maintenance technician does maintenance on an automatic robot arm in an auto factory

Industrial Machinery Mechanic

Median Salary: $60,600
Jobs Available: 50,700+

Industrial machines and factory equipment require special skills to keep them in good working order. These skilled technicians are in demand.

Apprentices learn how to run a computer control panel in a machine shop


Median Salary: $49,700
Jobs Available: 43,700+

Almost everything you see around you is created with the help of a machinist. It’s a career that requires great skill, precision, an eye for detail

A female semiconductor technician wearing a clean suit examines an integrated circuit in a clean room in a manufacturing facility.

Semiconductor Technician

Median Salary: $43,100
Jobs Available: 3,200+

Want to be a part of the made-in-the-USA semiconductor revolution? This career is a great way to get in early and grow your career from there.

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