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Jobs in the information technology industry are projected to experience double-digit growth over the next decade. That spells opportunity for those who have the right skills. The best news? You can learn many of these skills without a four-year degree. Are you ready for the next step?

Explore information technology careers, find information technology training (sorted by career), get information technology industry news and learn from our industry ambassadors what it's really like to do the job.

data security management skills include the ability to evaluate a computer network’s ability to protect sensitive information

Data Security Management

Median Salary: $108,200
Jobs Available: 16,000+

As cyberattacks become more common, these crucial gatekeepers make sure an organization’s data is secure.

A database administrator runs a test to ensure a database is secure and runs properly

Database Administrator

Median Salary: $112,300
Jobs Available: 13,500+

Companies that want to better understand their customers use database science to do it. The people who make that possible are DBAs.

An IT support specialist helps an employee solve computer issues.

IT Support Specialist

Median Salary: $55,900
Jobs Available: 59,700+

If you get a kick out of solving technical problems and helping people, this career could be the one for you.

A male network systems administrator runs diagnostics and maintenance testing by a bank of servers

Network and Computer Systems Administrator

Median Salary: $88,300
Jobs Available: 26,500+

Every kind of business needs a healthy computer network. If you’re a good tech troubleshooter, consider this essential, opportunity-rich role.

A software developer sits at a computer and writes code

Software Developer

Median Salary: $91,200
Jobs Available: 205,800+

This in-demand career requires a mixture of hard and soft skills to bring an app or system from concept to reality.

Two systems analysts in front of a bank of servers, keeping computer systems running efficiently

Systems Analyst

Median Salary: $97,500
Jobs Available: 49,100+

Systems analysts are the investigators of the digital realm. They study databases and determine how to make them more efficient.

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