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There's plenty of opportunity in the construction industry in 2024 and beyond. As with any industry, there are challenges, but this is a rewarding time to be in construction. Are you ready to take the next step?

Explore construction careers, find construction training (sorted by career), get construction industry news and learn from our industry ambassadors what it's really like to do the job.

An architectural drafter uses computer-aided drafting (CAD) software to review drawings

Architectural Drafter

Median Salary: $58,500
Jobs Available: 11,300+

If you’re a problem-solver with a creative streak, here’s an exciting career path to consider. It's one of the few construction roles that combines office work with site work.

A female carpenter uses a miter saw to cut a piece of wood in the shop


Median Salary: $44,100
Jobs Available: 102,500+

If you like working with your hands and creating things from scratch, consider this career. Carpenters are always in demand, and learning never stops.

A civil engineer technician will often visit project sites and evaluate plans to make sure they conform to design specifications and applicable codes.

Civil Engineering Technician

Median Salary: $58,700
Jobs Available: 7,000+

Here's a career for a quick thinker who would get satisfaction out of saving time, money and materials on construction projects.

A construction equipment operator will manage an excavator to clear the way for a new road

Construction Equipment Operator

Median Salary: $53,200
Jobs Available: 49,400+

These in-demand operators run the big machines — think excavators, backhoes and pile drivers — and they keep construction sites humming.

An electrician installs wiring


Median Salary: $60,600
Jobs Available: 89,100+

If you're a natural problem-solver and enjoy a challenge, consider this in-demand career. Companies are eager to find entry-level workers.

A heavy equipment mechanic inspects a broken excavator arm

Heavy Equipment Mechanic

Median Salary: $58,900
Jobs Available: 18,500+

If you aren’t afraid of a little grease and you like the idea of getting your hands on some powerful equipment, this career could be a great fit.

Female HVAC technician in a hardhat and safety gear works on a rooftop HVAC unit

HVAC Technician

Median Salary: $52,500
Jobs Available: 42,000+

If you have a knack for solving mechanical problems, this lucrative and stable career is worth a look.

A metal fabricator uses a hydraulic punching machine on a piece of metal

Metal Fabricator

Median Salary: $52,700
Jobs Available: 163,800+

These skilled workers build machines and structures from raw metal. If you like building and fixing things, this career could be for you.

A pipefitter cuts a steel pipe before installation

Pipefitter / Steamfitter

Median Salary: $54,300
Jobs Available: 58,000+

These careers are for those who love to create something out of nothing. Fitters start with a blueprint and make pipe systems a reality.

A plumber replaces a pipe fitting


Median Salary: $48,400
Jobs Available: 61,400+

This highly skilled career offers stability and a chance to solve important problems every day. Plus, no two days as a plumber will be the same!

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