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The way we work is evolving, and that's especially apparent in the business realm. As more younger people enter the workforce, they are affecting trends, such as a less rigid hierarchy in the workplace and the rise of entrepreneurship.

A growing number of people are becoming their own bosses, learning skills and launching their own businesses without necessarily spending years "learning the ropes" in a traditional setting.

All this is possible because of technology, which meets customers and workers where they are. And as with other industries, it's constantly changing.

It's an excellent time to be in the business world. And you don't need a four-year degree to reap benefits.

Young Asian hairdresser styles a young woman's hair at a salon


Median Salary: $32,400
Jobs Available: 79,200+

If you want to work in a lively atmosphere and use your creativity to help clients look great, take a look at this in-demand profession.

Young black female bookkeeper works on a computer crunching numbers


Median Salary: $46,900
Jobs Available: 203,200+

If you’re interested in finance but don’t have time (or the $) for a bachelor’s degree, this path could be the perfect solution.

A logistician in a safety vest checks in with employees at a warehouse


Median Salary: $97,000
Jobs Available: 14,200+

Are you organized, analytical and enjoy coordinating activities or processes? Take a moment to learn about this in-demand career.

Young Black woman in green shirt smiles at the camera holding a laptop

Office Manager

Median Salary: $96,600
Jobs Available: 268,000+

Every type of office needs one of these must-have administrators to keep things organized and running smoothly.

A real estate appraiser completes a form that notes the condition of a house

Real Estate Appraiser

Median Salary: $91,100
Jobs Available: 6,600+

Love looking at real estate? This is a career that will allow you to work at the heart of the local real estate market while helping provide a valuable service.

A training and development specialist leads a focus group

Training and Development Specialist

Median Salary: $62,800
Jobs Available: 37,700+

Do you enjoy helping teams function better? If so, and you're good with people, take a closer look at this career.

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