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The transportation sector is ripe with opportunities. Some of the best-paying skilled jobs in this industry don't require a bachelor's degree — and there are plenty of job openings.

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An aircraft mechanic works on a plane

Aircraft Mechanic

Median Salary: $69,100
Jobs Available: 13,400+

If you’re fascinated by planes, here’s a job that will help you learn more about aircraft every day. Aircraft mechanics — also called aircraft

Auto body technician uses a grinder to repair a vehicle

Auto Body Technician

Median Salary: $47,800
Jobs Available: 16,100+

These talented technicians are the magicians who diminish the memory of a fender bender and make a vehicle look better than it did before.

Female auto mechanic uses an advanced computer with diagnostic software to inspect a vehicle

Auto Mechanic

Median Salary: $46,400
Jobs Available: 74,200+

More than 90% of American households own a vehicle, so it’s no surprise that the people who keep them running are in high demand.

Diesel mechanic inspects a truck engine

Diesel Mechanic

Median Salary: $53,600
Jobs Available: 30,300+

Learn what a diesel mechanic or diesel technician does, how and where to get training, salary range and what it's like to do this job.

Truck driver stands in front of cars he is transporting to a dealership

Truck Driver

Median Salary: $49,900
Jobs Available: 258,600+

If the open road inspires you and you don’t mind being alone, here’s a job to consider.

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