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Would A Communication Job Be A Good Fit For You?

Communication careers vary widely, from technical writers who translate difficult information for consumers to fiber optics technicians who ensure access to the internet. What’s consistent is the need for skilled workers — and that could be you.

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Opportunity By the Numbers

Opportunity, By The Numbers

68,000+Communications job openings this year
$56,000 Average annual salary for Communications professionals
3% Projected Communications job growth over the next five years

Explore Communications Careers, Training, and Jobs

SkillPointe can help you find the fastest path to a rewarding career.

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    Find the Communication Career That’s Right for You

    SkillPointe makes it easy to find your best fit in the communication industry by explaining the key responsibilities of each role, what it takes to get the job, and skills that will help you excel. For example, if you’re extremely creative and organized, your skills might be a match for graphic artist.

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    Find Training Near You for the Job You Want

    Check out hundreds of training opportunities. Compare programs to get the skills you need for the jobs that interest you most. That could be an associate degree for broadcast engineering or a certificate to become an AV technician.

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    Find A Great-Paying Job in Communication

    Search through dozens of openings near you, including jobs for fiber optics technicians, technical writers and more. Applying is easy, and job listings are updated daily.