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Young Asian hairdresser styles a young woman's hair at a salon


Median Salary: $32,400
Jobs Available: 79,200+
Young black female bookkeeper works on a computer crunching numbers


Median Salary: $46,900
Jobs Available: 203,200+
A logistician in a safety vest checks in with employees at a warehouse


Median Salary: $97,000
Jobs Available: 14,200+
Young Black woman in green shirt smiles at the camera holding a laptop

Office Manager

Median Salary: $96,600
Jobs Available: 268,000+
A real estate appraiser completes a form that notes the condition of a house

Real Estate Appraiser

Median Salary: $91,100
Jobs Available: 6,600+
A training and development specialist leads a focus group

Training and Development Specialist

Median Salary: $62,800
Jobs Available: 37,700+

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