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Auto Body Technician Career Path & Training

A skilled auto body technician can wipe away the visual reminder of a fender bender.

What does an auto body technician do?

Technicians repair the bodies of motor vehicles, and they go by several names, including auto body mechanic, auto body specialist, auto body tech, body shop technician and collision repair technician.

Auto body technician job description

They carry out a range of repairs, from hammering out minor dents to windshield replacement to complete rebuilds and paint jobs. When not repairing collision damage, technicians work on body customization or minor repairs, such as buffing out scratches or refurbishing corrosion damage.

Auto body technicians are needed in auto body repair shops at dealerships, independent repair centers or fleet workshops. With enough time, training and knowledge, auto repair techs can go on to start their own businesses.

This is a job that puts you in direct contact with customers, so communication skills are important. If you are creative, detail-oriented and work well with others, this could be a good career. Keep reading to learn more.

Auto body technician uses a grinder to repair a vehicle
An auto body technician’s goal is to bring a car back to pre-accident condition. That often includes removing dents and replacing parts. (Credit: Bhakpong/Shutterstock)


From handling customer communications to repairing cars from front to back, auto body repair technicians have a wide range of responsibilities, including:

  • Work directly with customers to discuss what needs to be fixed
  • Prepare damage reports and cost estimates
  • Replace damaged body parts, including bumpers, fenders, hoods and trim
  • Realign car frames and repair structural damage
  • Pound out or patch dents and other minor body damage
  • Fit, attach and weld replacement parts into place
  • May also prep and paint vehicle surfaces
  • Follow safety regulations

How To Become an Auto Body Technician: FAQs

The bottom line:

This career checks all the boxes: It's a job that pays well, can hold your interest, offers potential for growth and doesn't require years of classroom time. It's also an opportunity to work in a team environment or to work toward opening your own business. If you like learning new things, are detail-oriented and are good with your hands, you can take an auto body technician job in many directions. Plus, it’s a job where you can start earning quickly, even as you’re learning the trade. 

Brandon McCoy, auto body technician, works on improving the roof of a car

Why I like being an auto body tech

Brandon McCoy isn't afraid of hard work. He knows that's what it takes to deliver a quality auto restoration.

"It's a lot of work but is so worth it when a customer comes in and is beside themselves because their car is turning out better than they imagined," he says.

Running his own business requires a lot of juggling — between doing the repair work, delivering good customer service and taking care of behind-the-scenes details — but he says it's very satisfying.

Find out what else Brandon has to say about being an auto body technician and a body shop owner.

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