Mesa Community College Cobots Program Empowers Humans Across Industries

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(Credit: Video courtesy of Mesa Community College)

Mesa Community College (MCC) is helping advance the idea that robotics have a common place in the workforce with Cobots, or collaborative robots designed to work alongside humans as mobile machines. Students in the Automated Industrial Technology (Robotics) program are trained to operate, monitor and maintain a variety of automated electro-mechanical, product assembly, process control, and product distribution systems that use programmable controls and other equipment to manage systems, in addition to learning other techniques while adhering to safety, health, and environmental rules and regulations.

The state of Arizona has recognized community colleges as the workforce solution for the state, including a plan that will provide targeted investments to establish six advanced manufacturing training centers facilitated by community colleges across the state. MCC's Automated Industrial Technology programs are some of many advanced manufacturing career paths that are seeing increased demand and producing experts in the industry.

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