Security System Installer Trainer is Driven by Curiosity

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Casey Williams, security alarm technician trainer, stands by a security system in ADT offices
By helping security technicians improve their skills, Casey Williams knows he's helping save lives. (Credit: Courtesy Casey Williams)

Casey Williams is only 37, but he's got more experience in the security solutions industry than many of his peers. He credits his success to an early start — and an insatiable curiosity.

He started in the security industry when he was 18. He first worked in the mailroom for ADT Commercial, the company he still works for today.

"After six months, I started to get curious and wondered what it was like to be a technician and how they got trained, so I became a security technician," says Williams. "Within a few years, I worked my way up into management, and that’s when I realized that training, coaching and mentoring were my passion."

He's now an accomplished senior technical training specialist, knowledgeable on advanced technology and integrated ADT Products. His professional experience includes more than eight years as a certified Electronic Security Association (ESA) instructor, 10+ years of managerial experience and 18+ years in home and business security and solutions.

Why did you become a security system installer? 

After high school, I was hired in the mailroom for a company where a family member worked. Curiosity is what led me to where I am today — having a drive to learn how things work and then sharing that with others.

This isn’t what I always wanted to do. When I started in the mailroom I had planned to go to school to become a chiropractor. I found a love for this industry and the positive effect it can have on so many lives. As an instructor for the industry’s leading training program, ESA National Training School, my position has fueled my passion for training other professionals.

What does a typical day as a trainer look like?

A typical day includes six to eight hours of live, instructor-led training. I cover access control, fire code, fire installation, fire wiring, panel programing, wire installation methods and best practices. My classes may also include state and national certifications. Over the years, this has become a combination of in-person and virtual classes that include hands-on facilitation and instructional lectures. On occasion, I do hands-on training alongside the technicians. These opportunities are not only fun and enjoyable, which is a plus, but also allow me the opportunity to see the difference I’m making.

What do you like most about your job? And least?

I help people. I help technicians advance their skills, which will inevitably help save lives. That's what I enjoy most. What I like least is the paperwork.

What’s the most common misconception about your job?

That it’s easy! Instructing comes naturally to me. I enjoy it, so it doesn’t appear to be challenging. Working is fun to me, so people may think because it's fun, it requires little work, which is the exact opposite of what's required.

What do you wish you knew about the job before you got into it?

I can only say I wish I knew more how much people appreciate what we do. From the professionals I work with to the customers we work with.

How did you train for this job?

Training to be an instructor involves a lot of reading, attending classes and studying. A lot of the training comes from gaining years of experience.

Is there a time where you felt your job made a real impact on someone’s life? 

Training people who install protection for people's businesses and homes offers a lot of opportunity to make an impact on someone’s life. I trained one of the professionals who installed the system in my own home. While I was traveling, I had a fire in my house, and the system woke my family up and they got to a safe location. I think the biggest impact I had on anyone’s life was my own!

Why would you recommend that someone become a security alarm technician?

It’s fun and rewarding. Knowing that you’re helping people and protecting what matters most to them is awesome. Knowing that people sleep better because they feel safer helps make you feel like you’re making a difference.

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