SkillPointe Employer Solutions

  • Attract candidates who you aren't reaching now.
  • Recruit candidates who are committed to the career path.
  • Grow your workforce pipeline by getting your brand in front of learners early in the training process.
  • Help local trainers grow the supply of talent for these critical jobs.

Employer Partnership Options:

Employer Branding
Fill Skilled Talent Pipeline

  • Introduce employer brand early in the enrollment process and link to job openings.
  • Improve applicant volume upon certificate or degree completion.
  • Support local community colleges that invest in promoting workforce training on SkillPointe.
Employer branded listing

Earn+Learn Listings
Attract Industry Entrants

  • Promote on-the-job training, apprenticeships and other entry-level openings to new job seekers and career changers.
  • Improve candidate engagement with video profiles.
  • Reduce time and cost to hire.
  • Improve workforce diversity.
Employer-branded earn and learn listing

Employer Partnership Options

1. Branding

$1,000 per job type, college partner

  • Brand video on college profile page
  • Expose your brand to students who are starting their training search.
  • Employer profile

Employer Bonus

If you fund a college training provider on SkillPointe, you will receive our college partner branding product for all of the job types within your industry — all for the $1,000 cost of one job type. 

2. Earn + Learn Listings

$1,000 per job type and market
$50 per referral

  • Video profile of on-the-job training, apprenticeship or similar entry-level program
  • Local training search promotion
  • Program profile page
  • Employer profile

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