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Dental Radiology Certification

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In order to work with dental radiography privileges, dental assistants in Florida must complete specific training courses approved by the Florida Board of Dentistry OR complete a dental assisting program that has been accredited by the Commission on Dental Accreditation (CODA), which is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and the American Dental Association as the only accreditation agency for dental professional education programs.

The Florida Board of Dentistry oversees the stateÕs requirements for Dental Assistants to manage safe practices.

Upon successfully completing your training in dental radiography, you will receive a state-issued dental radiography certificate from the Department of Health.

At AAA School of Dental Assisting, we meet all of these guidelines and ensure you receive the BEST training and experience available.

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EFDA and Radiology Training Certification

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Our Florida Board of Dentistry approved Expanded Functions Dental Assisting Program features specialized 90-Day Hands-On Training. As a Team-Member, youÕll receive in-depth Hands-On training that will earn you certifications in Expanded Functions Dental Assisting and Radiology. In addition, we provide you Guaranteed Career Placement after you Graduate!

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EFDA Certification

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The Expanded Functions Dental Assisting program is a specialized 90-Day Hands-On Training course designed to fast-track the student for the real world. Students receive in-depth and hands-on training supported by in-class lectures and labs. EFDA training includes all aspects required to earn a Certification in Radiology.

In addition to the fantastic education received from AAA School of Dental Assisting, our school provides students Guaranteed Career Placement after Graduation!

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