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Dental Assistant

Dental Assistant Diploma

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As a Dental Assistant, the dental team counts on you to help assist in a variety of day-to-day duties such as preparing patients for exams, taking X-rays, sterilizing equipment, and educating patients in proper oral care. Other duties often vary by state or dentist offices worked at.
The Dental Assistant diploma program emphasizes both the clinical and administrative aspects of serving in a dental office environment, immersing students in practical, hands-on training including externships.

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Medical Assistant

Medical Assistant Diploma

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A Medical Assistant (MA) performs clinical and administrative tasks in a physician’s office, hospital and other healthcare facilities. MAs interact with patients to take medical histories and vital signs, prepare them for procedures, and explain different experiences during their visit.
The Medical Assistant program at Concorde Career College prepares you for a diploma with hands-on classes and externships that teach you skills such as scheduling and receiving patients, preparing and maintaining medical records, infection control and much more.

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Medical Records and Health Information Technician

Medical Office Administration Diploma

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Being a Medical Office Administrator (MOA) means you get a chance to be the “jack of all trades” or the “fixer” that keeps the office going with day-to-day duties. The day of a MOA can be fast-paced, highly diverse and often chaotic dealing with billing, greeting patients, processing claims and maintaining records.
Medical Office Administration courses at Concorde Career College focus on such topics as managing daily office operations and finances, as well as being the “middle man” between patients and insurance providers. You’ll gain real-world experiences in our hands-on training.

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Pharmacy Technician

Pharmacy Technician Diploma

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A Pharmacy Technician is a bridge between consumers and pharmacists, whether by assisting the pharmacist by filling prescription orders, entering patient information into a database, troubleshooting insurance claims, or assisting in other activities within the pharmacy.
Using both theory and hands-on training, the Pharmacy Technician program at Concorde Career College prepares students to learn skills such as medication preparation, distribution and storage, medication orders and reviews, and drug-use review.

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Surgical Technologist

Surgical Technology Associate Degree

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In Surgical Technology you get to work alongside surgeons, physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals. As a Surgical Technologist, you’ll help prepare operating rooms, equipment, and assist medical professionals during surgeries. Using an understanding of fundamentals and routines for procedures, Surgical Techs help to ensure procedures are performed efficiently and effectively.
The Surgical Tech program focuses on preparing students to learn skills such as sterile field preparation, field maintenance, surgeon assistance, and patient care.

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