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Medical Records and Health Information Technician

Healthcare Management A.A.S.

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The healthcare industry continues to expand and diversify, requiring managers to help ensure smooth business operations. The objective of this Associate degree completion program is to help students understand what healthcare management entails today and prepare them with the knowledge and skills needed to seek entry-level healthcare management positions.

As a degree completion program, Healthcare Management is intended for people who not only have completed a diploma program in a healthcare field such as Medical Assisting, Dental Assisting, Medical Billing and Coding, and Medical Office Administration but have also worked in the field and obtained some practical experience in the healthcare industry. Successful completion of an allied health diploma program is required for admission.

The Healthcare Management program consists of courses in business and healthcare management and general education courses. Business courses offer instruction in management, accounting, finance, organization behavior and human resource management, and general education courses help develop and enhance oral and written communication skills, critical thinking and problem-solving skills and students' self-awareness and social awareness and strategies for managing self in a social, work environment.

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Medical Billing and Coding Certificate

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At our school in Houston, TX you can gain hands-on instruction for Medical Billing and Coding in areas like medical terminology, office management, coding techniques, computer operation, and medical billing software.

For quality medical billing and coding training, FORTIS has you covered! FORTIS offers a Medical Billing and Coding diploma program at several of its campuses in Texas, as well as online classrooms!

Medical Billing and Coding is a critical function in the health care industry today and with training from FORTIS we can help get you into your career sooner than you think! We provide hands-on instruction in medical terminology, office management, and medical coding techniques to fully prepare you for a career in a medical facility. The student is prepared in both office and hospital settings, covering the basic fundamentals of computer operation, disease processes and hands on training utilizing medical billing software.

Graduates of FORTIS's Medical Billing and Coding program are prepared to seek entry-level careers in medical billing and coding in settings such as hospitals, clinics, physicians' offices, dental offices, nursing homes, and insurance companies. Contact FORTIS today to get started on your Medical Billing and Coding training at our schools in Houston, TX!

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Medical Assistant

Medical Assistant Certificate

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Train students to perform routine administrative and clinical tasks to keep the offices and clinics of physicians, podiatrists, chiropractors, and optometrists running smoothly. FORTIS medical school offers a medical assisting program designed to provide you with knowledge and skills necessary for entry-level employment as a medical assistant in a medical office or clinic, with skills in office administration, computer, and clinical areas.

The demand for medical assistants is growing at an exceptional rate and doctors are increasingly relying on medical assistants to help with various patient care needs. Contact FORTIS medical school today for more information on our medical assisting program!

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Surgical Technologist

Sterile Processing Technician Certificate

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The Sterile Processing Technician is properly trained to handle surgical instruments and understand microbiology and infection control methods. Get your Sterile Processing certification at FORTIS

The main duty of a Sterile Processing Technician is to ensure that instruments used by medical personnel are contaminant-free. In the Sterile Processing Technician program at FORTIS, students are instructed on proper techniques to clean and sterilize medical instruments and to understand microbiology and infection control methods. At FORTIS, students learn the proper names and categories of medical instruments and how to properly transfer and store instruments to keep them contaminant-free. The program includes classroom study, practice in lab environments and hands-on, real-world experience.

As graduates of the FORTIS sterile processing training program, students will have the training needed to take the exam for national certification as a Central Sterile Processing Technician. They will be prepared by entry-level positions in hospitals, physicians' offices, inpatient and outpatient clinics, diagnostic centers and many more exciting opportunities

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Surgical TechnologyCertificate

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Work under the supervision of surgeons, anesthesiologists and registered nurses as you become part of this essential operating room team. Sterilize and pass surgical instruments to surgeons during operation and more.

The Surgical Technology program at FORTIS provides students with the knowledge and skills to work with and under the supervision of surgeons and registered nurses. At Fortis, the surgical technology program allows students to become a part of the team that provides care to patients during the crucial periods of surgery.

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Construction Industry

HVAC Technician

HVAC Certificate

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The Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration (HVAC) program at Fortis prepares students for entry-level employment as an HVAC Technician. In the field, HVAC Technicians are also known as HVAC mechanics or HVAC installers. The HVAC progam at Fortis includes training in computerized diagnostics so students will be able to service and repair today's complex systems for commercial refrigeration, gas heat, heat pumps, and air conditioning.

As a technician in the Heating, Ventilating, AC and Refrigeration field, you will use the skill set taught by the instructors at Fortis to manage and troubleshoot ventilation systems. This is critical to maintain a healthy, comfortable environment in all types of buildings from residential to commercial to industrial. HVAC program students will learn to apply theory and principles taught in class and lab settings so they can acquire the ability to develop, select, operate and test a wide variety of heating, ventilating and air conditioning equipment.

Upon completion of the HVAC training program at Fortis, graduates will be prepared for entry-level employment as an HVAC technician. Request more information today to get started at our HVAC school.

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