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Haskell Indian Nations University

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Communications Industry

Graphic Designer

Media Communication, A.A.

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Courses in media communications introduce students to various forms of media production. Practical experience is also available and encouraged in these areas of media communications.

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Public Service Industry

Environmental Field Technician

Natural Science, A.S.

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Natural Sciences faculty members have conducted a variety of research studies on the natural world from vertebrate morphological evolution and fish responses to climate change to soils and native plant cultivation. In addition to teaching, we continuously write grants to fund lab classroom equipment and to fund student research experiences to enhance your science education.
The A.S. Degree in Natural Science is meant to be an introduction to basic science and math, which lays the foundation for later coursework in more advanced scientific topics. The AS degree requires three 5-hour laboratory/lecture courses (15 hours of lab science) as well as the general education requirements. Math requirements for the degree are more rigorous than the general education math requirements. In addition to College Algebra, completion of either Trigonometry or any of the Calculus courses will satisfy the math requirements of the AS. Please carefully consult the checklist for more information. We suggest you consult with a science or writing tutor if you are having difficulty in your science classes or with your research papers

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Social Services Assistant

Social Work, A.A.

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The social work program uses a strengths based empowerment approach when instructing and advising social work students to become scholars and leaders to their tribal nations. Students are encouraged to learn basic research methods and begin critically reflecting upon their writing and framework.

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