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Teacher Assistant

Child Development Certificate

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The purpose of the program is to enhance the quality of childcare by defining, evaluating, and recognizing the competence of childcare providers. The program has been developed to address the six national competency goals and standards required for the National CDC. Candidates can receive their CDC in any of the following three areas: Center-Based Preschool Setting, Center-Based Infant/Toddler Setting, and Family Child Care Setting. Students will have the opportunity to gain work experience through an onsite practicum in area early childhood programs. This experience, along with coursework, will prepare students with a strong foundation for working with young children in the community.

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Police Officer

Law Enforcement, A.A.S

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Students interested in law enforcement careers within in the field of Natural Resources are encouraged to follow a schedule of courses which include Introduction to Criminal Justice and Introduction to Natural Resources Law Enforcement. Upon completion of Itasca’s program, students may apply to Hibbing Community College and with an additional 34 credits, complete their Law Enforcement Program. Through a partnership with Hibbing Community College, students may begin their program at Hibbing while completing their AAS degree at ICC by registering for select on-line courses.

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Wildland Firefighting Diploma

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The Wildland Firefighting Program consists of seven NWCG fire classes taught by certified instructors along with key Natural Resource courses. The goal of the program is to provide graduates with the necessary background to become wildland firefighters and also teach some Natural Resource skills which can help them to find employment during non-fire periods. The current job market for wildland firefighters is excellent, and they are being hired by many natural resource agencies.

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Wildland Firefighting, A.A.S

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The Wildland Firefighting program consists of eight National Wildfire Coordinating Group (NWCG) courses taught by certified instructors and natural resource classes. The goal of the program is to provide graduates with the necessary training and certification to become wildland firefighters while providing a good background in natural resource skills. Graduates from this program are working for state and federal firefighting agencies like the Minnesota DNR and the US Forest Service. The demand for trained fire personnel continues to grow nationwide.

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Healthcare Industry

Certified Nursing Assistant

Nursing Assistant Certificate

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The Nursing Assistant Program at Itasca provides information and training so that a student may become employable in a healthcare facility. Graduates of this program receive both classroom instruction and clinical experience. Students have opportunities to apply classroom learning in community clinical settings. Graduates are trained in basic nursing skills. It is the responsibility of each employing institution to implement and enlarge upon the basic program based on its individual employee needs. A criminal background study is required to be employed as a nursing assistant.

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Nurse - LPN / LVN

Practical Nurse Diploma

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The Practical Nursing Program provides carefully selected course instruction (lectures, demonstrations, discussions, computers, etc.). In a face-to-face or web-enhanced delivery and clinical practice (at community health care facilities) which enables the student to meet the basic needs of patients and function as a practical nurse.

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