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Transportation Industry

Truck Driver

Commercial Truck Driving Program - License

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The commercial truck driving industry is not only vital to a thriving economy, it is a vital part of our everyday lives. J-Tech Institute’s 4 or 8-week Commercial Truck Driving and CDL Program is helping students acquire the skills necessary to prepare for the Class “A” Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) Examination and to launch successful careers as commercial truck drivers.

This program curriculum is designed to meet the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration’s (FMCSA) guidelines and includes, third-party testing, a Workplace Readiness Seminar that provides assistance with resume development, interview techniques, and other employment related support.

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Diesel Mechanic

Diesel Technician and Mechanic Training Certificate

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Diesel technology is an important part of the transportation industry and qualified diesel technicians play an integral role in keeping the industry moving. At J-Tech Institute, we’re doing our part to meet the demand for skilled diesel technicians by offering a 91-credit hour, ASE‑based Diesel Technology Program with a curriculum that is designed to help students acquire the hands-on skills and confidence they need to launch successful careers in the essential industry of diesel technology.

At J-Tech, we understand it takes more than a solid technical skill set to succeed. That’s why our curriculum is designed in collaboration with industry professionals and local employers. We’re actively listening and communicating to make sure our curriculum has what it takes to prepare students for the realities of the workplace. And it doesn’t all happen in a classroom. J-Tech’s shop mimics realistic work environments, so students receive valuable hands-on training that is as real as it gets.

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Marine and RV Technician Repair Training Certificate

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As a student in the Marine and Recreational Vehicle Technology Program, you have a unique advantage upon graduation. You’ll learn the ins and outs of the marine side and the land side of recreational vehicles. Where else can you get that in a single program? To put it briefly, you’ll be learning logical diagnostic procedures and effective repair methods for a variety of recreational vehicles including but not limited to:

Motorhomes & RVs
Jet Skis
Diesel and Gasoline: Outboards & Inboards
And more
The program is part of the Yamaha Marine University and includes training with modern test equipment and specialized tools that replicate real working environments. The J-Tech shop provides a multi-level approach using computerized diagnostic information systems, system specific specialty tools, electronic circuit testing tools and meters, and air conditioning charging and recovery equipment. This will prepare students to take the Yamaha certification exams required in the Marine Maintenance Certification Program (MCP).

At J-Tech, we work best when we’re hands-on. We believe the best training comes from learning in a realistic environment. Our laboratory settings are designed to represent the actual shop environments you could expect to find working in the industry. Find out if career training in Marine and RV Technology is right for you by taking the quiz below.

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Construction Industry

HVAC Technician

HVAC-R Diagnostic and Repair Training Certificate

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Are you interested in a career in HVAC? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Nobody would argue that in the southeastern United States, especially in Florida, air conditioning is king. People would not live as far south as they do without a reliable air conditioner in today’s world. The population is growing and that means more AC units, which means more demand for techs. In 2018, the Bureau of Labor Statistics states that the HVAC industry is growing much faster than average nationally at 13% with 46,300 additional jobs added by 2028. Combine this with the fact that the average pay was more than $22.00 an hour and this looks and sounds like a solid opportunity.

Many essentials, like produce and medicine, wouldn’t be able to be shipped or stored without proper refrigeration. When a unit breaks, people depend on trained professionals to diagnose and repair their cool air.

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