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Transportation Industry

Auto Mechanic

Automotive Technology Diploma Program - Queens

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Provide the graduate with the entry-level knowledge and skills required to correctly test, diagnose, replace, repair and adjust as necessary the components of the mechanical, electronic, hydraulic, and accessories systems on current automobiles. Upon completion of this program, the graduates will be qualified for entry into the automotive service career field as a technician capable of analysis, problem solving, performing most common ser¬vice operations and under supervision, more specialized or involved tasks with a dealer, inde¬pendent shop or other service outlet.

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Manufacturing Industry

Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technician

Electrical and Electronic Systems Technology Diploma Program - Queens

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This program is designed to provide the essential skills and knowledge for the installation, troubleshooting, repair, and maintenance of commercial and residential entertainment, security, monitoring, and telecommunications systems. Students learn to install cable support structures; laying out and preparing pathways for wiring and cables; installing, securing, testing, and termination of wiring and cables both copper and fiber optic; program digital components and access controls to perform their designated tasks; install and set up media management systems; and perform system commissioning and user training of audio, video, and data systems. The program also prepares students on the essential skills and knowledge needed for entry-level residential electrician work. Students will train on the installation, service and maintenance areas of the residential electrical industry.

Career EDGE is a valuable platform that offers guidance on how to prepare for the professional world. As you leave the path of student and embark on that of professional, there are many questions you may have. Am I filling out online applications the way an employer would like? How do I create a résumé that truly represents me and my skills? How do I handle the interview process with confidence and professionalism? Career EDGE was created to address all of these questions and more!

Career EDGE provides content and tools that further assist students throughout their journey to a new career. Students can turn to Career EDGE for help setting goals, to learn how to use social media to their advantage, to gain the best tips for interviewing and so much more! This revolutionary career readiness platform features modules targeted to each step of the career training process: ‘Getting to Know Yourself,’ for example, focuses on self-realization for students. What is your weakness/strength? What motivates you? From there, Career EDGE helps students progress through ‘Goal Setting’, ‘Communication and Networking,’ ‘On the Job Success,’ and many more.

Also featured in Career EDGE is a résumé builder to help students construct an ideal résumé that highlights their talents and is sure not to fall to the bottom of the pile. Users can also test out mock job applications. Video tips and instruction provide direction on how to fill it out properly before they are confronted with the real thing on the spot.

Career EDGE is delivered by Career Services and the Education Departments alike. This delivery is in the form of nineteen workshops throughout the student’s entire tenure from day one through graduation. Please see the individual course descriptions below for a complete list of available workshops as well as the courses in which they are completed.

Upon completion of this program, graduates can meet the minimum requirements needed to be qualified as an entry-level technician in the residential and/or commercial telecommunications, fire alarm, intrusion detection, entertainment, audio/video/data, and energy management systems. Student can also qualify as entry-level residential electrician’s apprentice.

NY Master Electrician License - The State of NY requires applicants for examination for a license as an electrical contractor shall have at least seven and a half (7.5) years of experience or the equivalent (as indicated below) within the ten (10) years prior to application with a minimum of 10,500 hours or the equivalent (as indicated below) of satisfactory experience in the installation, alteration, and repair of wiring and appliances for electric light, heat, and power in or on buildings or comparable facilities.

Students will be required to complete out-of-class assignment in each course.

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