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Electrician Training Diploma Program - Shelton

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This is a comprehensive program that prepares a student to enter the Electrical field. A foundation of Basic Math and Electrical trade Algebra and Trigonometry prepare the student for Electrical theory and concepts. The program continues with Blue Print reading, an essential skill required of a licensed Electrician. Each course in the program is an important component of knowledge needed in the Electrical Industry. The National Electrical Code is covered thoroughly in four separate courses in which each article in the NEC is reviewed. Courses such as Motor Control, Power Distribution, PLC’s 1 and 2 and Motor Generator Theory prepare the student for Commercial and Industrial installations. Basic Telecommunications and Cabling include voice, data, wireless, network and broadband technologies. Two Solar Energy courses introduce the student to the growing field of green technology. Semi-Conductors for Electricians prepares the student for new complex technologies that are being developed and implanted at faster and faster rates.

The Lab portions of our program train the student on basic but essential hands on skills that are needed upon entrance in the Electrical Field. These hands on skills combined with our extensive classroom courses prepare the Graduate for a successful and rewarding career in the Electrical Industry. Students will also be trained on OSHA 30 standards and given the opportunity to take and pass the exam. OSHA 30 certification is mandated by the State licensing board for all apprentices. An apprentice needs to have his or her OSHA 30 certification in order to seek qualification for future licensure. Upon successful completion of the program the State of Connecticut mandated 720 hours of classroom study is satisfied.

Students will be required to complete out-of-class assignments in each course

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Healthcare Industry

Medical Assistant

Medical Assistant Diploma Program - Shelton

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The Medical Assistant program prepares students to be multi-functional practitioners, thoroughly prepared to perform front office and clinical patient care duties, as well as, basic urgent care procedures. Topics covered include anatomy and physiology, medical terminology, insurance billing and coding, electronic health records, ethics, clinical procedures, aseptic technique, minor surgical procedures, universal precautions, general skills in document formatting, basic accounting, EKG, and pathophysiology. This program delivers practical preparation in the healthcare environment. Graduates of this program may find entry-level positions as Office Medical Assistants, EKG Technicians, Unit / Ward Clerks (in a hospital setting). It also provides the diversity of other job options in the hospital or laboratory environment. Students will be required to complete out-of-class assignment in each course, except externship.

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Nurse - LPN / LVN

Practical Nursing Diploma Program - Shelton

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The Practical Nursing program prepares the individuals to become entry-level Practical Nurses. Practical Nurses provide nursing to clients of all ages with common health problems in a variety of health care settings under the direction of a Registered Nurse; participate in the nursing process to promote, maintain, and restore health or administer care to dying patients; practice within the legal and ethical framework of the nursing profession; and function as a member of the health care team in a variety of health care environments. Graduates of this program are eligible to sit for the State of Connecticut, Practical Nursing Licensing exam. The classrooms and labs are equipped with the necessary medical equipment and materials essential for training Practical Nurses. Major equipment includes Anatomical Manikins, VitalSim, Wheelchair, Stethoscopes, Electronic Thermometers, Personal Computers and pumps. Students will be required to complete out-of-class assignments in each course in this program.

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