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CDL Refresher Training Programs

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National Training Inc offers one-, two- and five-day CDL training programs to refresh experienced drivers on what they need to know to go back to work. The CDL Refresher Program is designed for individuals that hold a current Class A, B, or C CDL license and want to refresh their skills.

This convenient program offers customized CDL training to bring current and former truck drivers “up to speed” on various aspects of the profession. This includes hands-on driving time behind the wheel of a semi tractor-trailer.

Experienced truck drivers, who have left the field and are now returning to it, may want to take advantage of this course. They may need to refresh their skills or knowledge before they apply for a job with a trucking firm or before they re-take the test to renew their CDL license.

If you would like to check out your level of CDL knowledge right now, why not take our free CDL practice test? We’ll grade your results, so you can see if you need a brush-up on the current regulations and rules for truck driving. First we assess your individual needs for refreshing various areas of knowledge and skills. Then we recommend the right length of program for you and list the topics and skills that will be covered. This assessment is converted into a custom syllabus that our trainers follow to complete your refresher CDL training and get you ready for your next job in the truck driving industry.

We will recommend one of these three options:

Tractor-Trailer 1 day (8 hours),
Tractor-Trailer 2 day (16 hours), or
Tractor-Trailer 5 day (40 hours)
It is important to note that students must possess a Class A CDL to be eligible to take our refresher CDL training. If you need to complete a CDL road test, our Florida state-licensed CDL examiners on staff can conduct this for you at an additional charge.

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Class A CDL Truck Driver Training Program

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National Truck Driving School in Orange Park Florida offers a CDL training program that prepares students for truck driving jobs in only a month – start to finish. During that time we train beginning students, who have never even sat in a big rig cab, how to operate it safely under normal driving conditions.

While it is not as comprehensive in scope or curriculum, this CDL Now! Program answers the demand for a quick, but safe and effective CDL training course, whose graduates are ready to drive 18-wheel trucks professionally.

Class A CDL Truck Driver Training Program
In the CDL Now! Program you’ll learn what you need to know to operate a big truck and get plenty of driving practice at our training grounds. You’ll learn in our classrooms the knowledge you’ll need to pass your Commercial Driver’s License exam and qualify for a truck driving career. Our CDL Now! Program will train individuals in the operation of a combination semi-tractor-trailer for entry-level positions within the trucking industry – both interstate and intrastate. Students will learn how to safely and effectively drive under a wide variety of traffic, load, road, weather and geographic conditions and locations. In addition, students will learn:

Check List of Items learned in the CDL Now Program at National Truck Driving SchoolHow to perform a pre-trip inspection
How to properly document their Hours of Service in the industry standard logbook
The proper methods for and how to Start, Operate and Shutdown a diesel tractor-trailer
How to safely back a tractor-trailer in various conditions using various techniques
How to safely couple and uncouple a tractor-trailer
How to park and secure the vehicle
The safety procedures defined by the Occupational Safety and Health Act
How to successfully prepare for and pass the D.O.T. written examination as well as the D.O.T. equipment road test, which is mandatory before being employed in the trucking industry

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Professional. Fleet Driver Training Program

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National Training, Inc. specializes in creating group training programs tailored to meet the needs of individual companies and their fleet driver training requirements. We will train, re-train or upgrade the skill levels of your current drivers, and we can train them at your facility or ours.

Special programs dealing with CDL written exam tutoring, safety, the transport of hazardous materials, rules of the road, or any other subject you may choose are readily available or can be written for incorporation into a unique, customized program.

Proper fleet driver training can help your company standards, employee morale, safety in meeting schedules, care of equipment, and most importantly, your bottom line!

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Construction Industry

Construction Equipment Operator

Heavy Equipment Operator Training Program

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Construction is the largest service industry in the United States, and it is growing fast, with more roads, houses, apartments, and office buildings being built every day – and plenty more on the drawing boards. Contractors and construction firms have a constant need for qualified heavy-equipment operators, to help build all these highways and structures. Heavy-equipment operators and small earth-moving contractors also work in the utilities industry, including telephone, electric, gas, and water companies.

There is no more important occupation in the United States than the heavy equipment operator. Without these people, we would have very limited roads, dams, bridges, housing, flood control, and very little mining, land clearing, conservation, landscaping, reclamation, land filling, logging, or pipelines.

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