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Northwest Lineman Center - Florida

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Energy Industry

Electrical Lineman

Electrical Lineworker Certificate

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After graduating and starting your career, you will be answering the call to power our nation, operating, maintaining, and constructing a safe and reliable electrical grid.

Every day will be filled with new challenges and responsibilities, including:

Maintaining, operating, and constructing high-voltage lines and equipment
Working in elevated positions, using the most up-to-date safety equipment
Operating heavy equipment such as cranes, boom trucks, and digger derricks
Being a first responder to restore power after natural disasters and incidental outages
Building the smart grid and intelligent grid of the future

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Telecommunications Lineworker Certificate

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After graduating and starting your career, as a Telecommunications Lineworker, youÕll be on the frontlines of our nationÕs rapidly advancing information and communications technologies, keeping America connected.

Your day-to-day will be filled with challenges and responsibilities that may include:

Installing and updating the latest technologies for 5G cellular, data, WIFI, radio, cable TV, and telephone networks
Building, troubleshooting, and repairing fiber optic, coax, and copper cable lines, and equipment
Constructing and maintaining wireless towers, antennas, and amplifiers
Working in elevated positions on poles, towers, and in aerial lifts, using the latest safety devices and procedures
Operating cranes, digger derrick trucks, bucket trucks, and other heavy equipment

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Power Plant Operator

Natural Gas Technician Certificate

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After graduating and starting your career, you'll be a part of an exciting profession filled with challenges and responsibilities that include:

Installing gas distribution pipelines
Operating excavators to prepare job sites for gas installations
Building and installing meters and metal pipe work
Purging and pressure testing systems and performing relights on appliances
Performing pipe fusions, including butt fusion, electrofusion, mechanical coupling, and socket fusion
Interacting with customers

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