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Preschool Teacher

Early Childhood Education Certificate

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The early years shape a life. Research in child development has demonstrated that during the years from birth through 6 years old, important growth occurs in all domains, including social, emotional, cognitive, linguistic and physical development. The early childhood educator – whether a teacher, family or child care provider – plays a critical role in fostering children’s development and investing in their future.

In OCCC’s Early Childhood Education program, we offer you the skills you need to succeed in the world of early childhood development, early childhood education centers, preschool programming, infant and toddler care, and family child care programs. Employment opportunities may include teaching assistant, child care aide, lead teacher, family child care provider and program director.

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EMTs and Paramedics

Emergency Medical Technician Certificate

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The OCCC EMT Program has the responsibility to society to educate competent health care providers to care for their patients/clients using critical judgment, broadly based knowledge, and competent technical skills at the entry level.

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Healthcare Industry

Medical Assistant

Medical Assistant Certificate

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Medical Assisting Certificate prepares students for entry level employment in a physician’s clinic or a variety of other healthcare settings. Program graduates will have the academic, administrative and clinical skills necessary to be a successful allied healthcare professional.

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Certified Nursing Assistant

Nursing Assistant 1 Certificate

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The Oregon Coast Community College Nurse Assistant Level 1 Training Program (NUR101) is an eight (8) credit: 173-hour course fulfilling the Oregon State Board of Nursing requirements for certification as a nursing assistant level one. The lecture portion of this course is taught on-line through independent study. It takes 53 or more hours to complete. Students spend 42 hours in the skills lab and 75 hours in a licensed health care facility gaining hands-on clinical experience.

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Nursing Assistant 2 Certificate

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The Certified Nursing Assistant Level 2 Career Pathway Certificate prepares individuals to work as certified Nursing Assistant Level 2. As a member of the health care team and under the supervision of a Registered Nurse, individuals perform clinical duties including identifying findings and patterns, habits, and behaviors that deviate from normal in an acute-care setting, use acceptable terminology to describe and report findings and take action within the scope of responsibilities as designated by the RN for abnormal findings.

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Nurse - LPN / LVN

Practical Nursing Certificate

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The Practical Nursing Certificate provides a one-year curriculum for students who desire to be a member of a nursing or health care team and gives care to patients of all ages under the direction of registered nurses and/or licensed physicians and dentists. After successfully completing the required 50 credits of the Practical Nursing program, students will be awarded a Certificate of Completion. Grades of C or better in all required courses are necessary to progress to the next term. Completion of this level qualifies students to apply to take the National Council Licensure Exam (NCLEX-PN) to become a licensed practical nurse (LPN).

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