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Business Training and Development Specialist
Salary Range Jobs Available
$35,700 - $106,500 37,700+

What Does a Training and Development Specialist Do?

If you want to help people do their jobs better, consider a career as a training and development specialist.

Also called training coordinators or training specialists, trainers help other employees gain new skills and knowledge. They design, plan and run training programs to help improve business performance.

Training programs vary by organization, from new employee orientation to management training to technology that changes how work gets done.

Training specialists assess training needs through surveys, interviews with employees and by talking to managers. They use the best training approach for the topic and the audience, which may include classroom instruction, audiovisuals, role-playing or individual computer sessions. Training can be in person, online or a hybrid of the two.

Flexibility is the key. In order to coach different types of people, training specialists must figure out how each person learns.

If this sounds like you, keep reading to learn more. 

A training and development specialist leads a focus group
A good training and development specialist is likely to be a ‘people person,’ as the majority of a specialist’s time is spent working directly with employees, either in person or online. (Credit: fizkes/Shutterstock)


  • Assess organizational or individual training needs
  • Create training materials 
  • Deliver training programs online or in person using different learning methodologies
  • Set up equipment and training space
  • Lead group discussions
  • Evaluate effectiveness of the program and adjust as needed
  • Schedule classes and complete other administrative tasks

How To Become a Training and Development Specialist: FAQs

The bottom line:

Many successful trainers like teaching but want to do so outside of a traditional school environment. If you share that desire and have a passion for helping others succeed, this could be the career for you. It’s an opportunity to help an organization improve while working directly with employees. If this sounds like a good fit, check out the training opportunities near you. 

'You need to have an outgoing personality and be able to connect with people,' said Mia Luchins, a training and development specialist.

Why I became a training coordinator

Mia Luchins had planned to work in academia. Instead, she took a detour and got into training and development.

"It was time to go into the real world, so I took what I knew with the help of my mentor and used it to go into a field I love," she says.

Mia's personality and communication skills have been fundamental to her success. She helps clients understand and utilize technology.

"It wasn't until after college that I realized I had years of job experience that would help me find my first job as a training coordinator."

Find out more about why she loves being a training and development specialist.

Find Training and Development Specialist Training In Your Area

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