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Salary Range Jobs Available
$33,100 - $72,000 61,400+

Plumber Job Description: What Does a Plumber Do?

Have you ever wondered about becoming a plumber? This highly skilled career offers stability and a chance to solve important problems every day. 

A plumber installs, repairs and maintains water and gas supply lines and all the related fixtures, such as toilets and water heaters, in residential and commercial buildings.

From installing fixtures and appliances to measuring and cutting pipes to fixing leaks to repairing water lines, no two days will be the same.

Plumbing requires good communication and teamwork skills, whether you are interacting with a customer at a residence or a business. It’s a steady job with great career prospects because everyone needs a good, reliable plumber. 

Thousands of companies are looking for plumbers, and some offer on-the-job training with technical instruction. Many companies and trade unions offer paid apprenticeship programs, so you can earn while you learn. 

It’s important that you have some form of general work experience if you’re trying to get a plumber apprentice job.

Even after you’ve gone through training and become a journeyman, there will be opportunities to advance, learn new skills and earn a higher plumber salary.

That’s just the start. Keep reading to learn more about what it takes to learn this essential trade.

A plumber replaces a pipe fitting
A good plumber can quickly size up a situation and solve the problem. (Credit: Shutterstock)


  • Install and repair pipes for water, gas or other services
  • Interpret blueprints for pipe laying
  • Assemble fittings and valves
  • Install fixtures, appliances and supports for pipes and equipment
  • Inspect and test plumbing systems for leaks and problems
  • Follow all codes and regulations
  • May work on septic systems
  • Estimate costs and prepare bids

How To Become a Plumber: FAQs

The bottom line:

This in-demand trade job offers the promise of a well-paying job with stability over the long term. To learn this trade, you'll need considerable training, but for most of it, you can earn while you learn. There aren't too many jobs that present such a complete package. 

So, if you like problem-solving and working with your hands, consider this career. Look at SkillPointe's training programs near you to get started.

What I like about being a plumber

For Shawn Powell, being a plumber runs in the family, so he knows what he's talking about.

“There’s good money to be made in this always-in-demand trade,” he says. It's a great choice for anyone who isn’t afraid of hard work.

Watch the video and learn why he thinks being a plumber is so worthwhile.

Local Certifications and Requirements

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