Information Technology Network and Computer Systems Administrator
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$56,000 - $135,100 26,500+

What Does a Network Administrator Do?

Computer networks are critical to the success of any business. A network administrator keeps computer networks running dependably. Also called a network systems administrator or network and computer systems administrator, this problem-solver is responsible for reliable day-to-day computer system operations and all related components. 

An administrator understands how each piece of equipment works, and how all the elements work together. The administrator offers practical solutions on a deadline. (Think about it: when the network is down, not much is getting done.)

The daily job of a network systems administrator depends on the size of the company. However, at any sized business, this customer service-oriented job is an essential part of any information technology (IT) department.

If you have great communication skills and a knack for technology, keep reading to learn more about the training requirements for this in-demand role. 

A male network systems administrator runs diagnostics and maintenance testing by a bank of servers
Demand for network system administrators is growing as more organizations depend on fast, reliable computer systems to meet their goals. (Credit: Gorodenkoff/Shutterstock)


  • Install, troubleshoot and monitor network systems
  • Resolve issues with all network elements, including local area networks (LANs), routers, firewalls, storage and more
  • Upgrade and maintain software and hardware
  • Maintain and upgrade servers for best performance
  • Ensure network security and upgrade security components
  • Perform data backups
  • Develop strategies for improved network performance
  • Communicate updates to staff
  • May set up and train new users

How To Become a Network Administrator: FAQs 

The bottom line:

If you’ve always had a knack for technical detective work and you juggle assignments well, consider becoming a network administrator.

This high-paying job offers continuous learning opportunities and room to grow. Many businesses need an administrator’s skills. If you already know this is the job for you, check out training programs near you.

Edwin Gonzalez, Network and Computer systems administrator

Being a network administrator

Edwin Gonzalez loves using technology to make an impact. And since the 27-year-old is a network administrator in Pennsylvania, he gets a chance to make an impact every day.

He loves discovering new tech and learning from others.

"The fastest way to learn and grow is through the experience of others who are willing to share," says Edwin. 

In fact, he says the real secret to being successful at his job is building strong relationships.

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