Information Technology IT Support Specialist
Salary Range Jobs Available
$36,400 - $89,500 59,700+

What Does an IT Support Specialist Do?

If you get a kick out of solving technical problems and helping people, this career could be the one for you.

An information technology (IT) support specialist — also called a computer support specialist, computer user support specialist or technical support specialist — uses their knowledge of computer science to keep systems running efficiently. They troubleshoot problems, provide routine maintenance and help employees resolve technical roadblocks. 

A support specialist works directly with people,  or focuses on maintaining the network. 

Tech support services are crucial to any size business, which is why there are plenty of job opportunities. Interested? Read on to learn more about this in-demand career.

An IT support specialist helps an employee solve computer issues.
It takes patience to help non-IT users understand how computer systems work, but it can be very rewarding. (Credit: Fizkes/Shutterstock)


  • Set up equipment for employee use, including operating systems and software
  • Conduct computer diagnostics and work with computer users to resolve problems
  • Perform regular maintenance on systems
  • Repair computer equipment and related devices or replace them
  • Learn about new hardware and software and train people to use them
  • Ensure system security and network support

How To Become an IT Support Specialist: FAQs

This role could put you on the fast-track to success, especially if you already know your way around a computer. Here are the key steps and questions to get into this line of work.

The bottom line:

Becoming an IT support specialist is a smart move. This career offers a good salary and potential for advancement. People who are good at trouble-shooting computer issues tend to realize this quality early on in life, but they may not realize it can translate to a meaningful career. If that’s you, you're already one step ahead. Check out the IT support training opportunities near you and get started. 

Andrew Sonon, IT specialist, with John Whitehall

Why I'm glad I chose this career

Andrew Sonon knew he wanted to work with computers and didn't want to earn a four-year degree. The IT support specialist earned an associate degree and now runs his own company helping small- and medium-sized companies solve their IT problems.

“I like that I was able to go to school for two years at a reasonable rate, learn skills that made me highly sought after and now have the opportunity to work wherever I want,” he says. 

He loves that his company’s work is so fundamental. "If we don't do our job, our clients can’t do their jobs."

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