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Manufacturing Semiconductor Technician
Salary Range Jobs Available
$34,000 - $66,500 3,200+

Semiconductor Technician: Career Facts & Training Requirements

The semiconductor revolution is here, and you can be a part of it! The need to make this important electronics element right here in America is driving demand for skilled technicians. Here’s what you need to know about this exciting career, including training pathways, salary range, job duties and much more.

What does a semiconductor technician do?

A semiconductor technician operates the machines that make and test semiconductors, which provide the basic foundation needed to make microchips or integrated circuits. These devices are needed for almost every electronic product made today, from computers to "smart" appliances to cars and medical equipment. 

Semiconductor technicians start with a crystal material, usually extremely pure silicon, and apply different processes. They modify the semiconductor’s electrical properties to be either a conductor or an insulator. For example, by treating or "doping" thin slices of silicon called wafers with aluminum and applying a specific pattern using UV light, technicians create a conductive material that can be used in an integrated circuit. 

Technicians also operate or control specialized machines and processes including furnaces, X-ray machines, chemical baths and advanced chip manufacturing equipment used to form circuitry, change a material’s conductive properties or test a finished wafer.

Technician responsibilities vary, but they often work closely with engineers to design, fine tune and improve semiconductor fabrication processes and equipment. 

Also called process technicians, engineering technicians, diffusion operators, wafer fabrication operators or semiconductor process technicians, technicians work in specially cleaned manufacturing facilities called clean rooms. When working in clean rooms, they wear head-to-toe coverings called clean suits or "bunny suits" to minimize the spread of contaminants. 

A female semiconductor technician wearing a clean suit examines an integrated circuit in a clean room in a manufacturing facility.
Semiconductor technicians take many steps to keep dust and dirt out of the production area, including wearing a clean suit. Semiconductors are the building blocks that provide the "brains" of all modern electronics. (Credit: Maha Heang 245789/Shutterstock


  • Operate machines that fabricate and test semiconductor devices
  • Check materials for purity
  • Clean semiconductor wafers
  • Inspect products for surface defects
  • Measure circuitry using precision measuring devices
  • Package finished product
  • Utilize computer-aided design (CAD) software to create microchip layouts and patterns
  • Maintain records

How To Become a Semiconductor Technician: FAQs

In this section, we spell out the training and education steps you will need to take to become a semiconductor technician. We also answer common questions about this skilled profession. Want more information about how fast the industry is growing? Check out Semiconductor Jobs Are Coming: Here's What You Need to Know.

The bottom line:

Becoming a semiconductor technician could be a great career fit for you if you meet the criteria above and like the idea of working in a cutting-edge industry. New partnerships between employers and educators are popping up and creating great opportunities for workers looking for a fast track to a new career. 

Find Semiconductor Technician Training In Your Area


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Semiconductor Technician Quick Start Program

Semiconductor Technician Quick Start program, an in-person, 10-day certification course where participants can learn the skills needed to join this...


Semiconductor Technician Quick Start Program

Semiconductor Technician Quick Start program, an in-person, 10-day certification course where participants can learn the skills needed to join this...


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