For Electrician Adolfo Terrero, It’s all About a Job Well-Done

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Adolfo Terrero credits on-the-job training for his success. He’s learned how to do everything from installing breakers to wiring electricity for an entire house. He’s now growing in his career at Florida-based Strada Electric. “They helped me so much to be successful,” he says.

That guiding hand came courtesy of his boss, Joe Strada. “There’s not enough skilled trade people out there today,” explains Strada. “If you’re not sure of your career path, being an electrician is a fantastic industry.” The reason? It’s recession proof. “No matter what the economy does … if the lights aren’t working, the air is not working because there’s no power, you need to be able to fix it. You’re always going to stay busy working in this industry.”

This works out well for his employees. “Through this job, I can support my family, my kids, and my whole home,” says Terrero. In the coming decade, he sees himself becoming a manager within the company. “I can see it clearly,” he says of his aspirations.

For Terrero and his colleagues, it’s all about a job well-done. “The best part of my job is when you are testing everything, and it’s all working correctly,” he says. “I’m so proud of my job because you can come back to the job site where you wired the house and you can see the people smiling. You can see the final product and it’s all because you did a really good job.”

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