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September 1st, 2020
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Carpenter at work represents the SkillPointe mission
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Getting blood drawn prompts an array of different reactions.

Becky Palsgrove, phlebotomist ambassador, with her tools
Two healthcare practitioners with stethoscopes
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Meredith Lipman has only been teaching full-time since the end of 2019, but it's clear her creati

Meredith Lipman, preschool teacher, plays with students Amber and Robbie
Wind turbines and the number 60.7%, which represents job growth

Welcome to SkillPointe! A new, comprehensive resource for anyone looking for work or training in the skills-based world.

Our goal is to help you find a job with great earning potential — no four-year degree required.

Whether your priority is finding the fastest path to earning, the biggest salary potential or the opportunity to do something meaningful, we can help.

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Explore Careers: Our detailed job descriptions cover dozens of jobs across eight industries.

The “Opportunity Meter” ranks each job according to salary, jobs available, projected growth and how long it takes to train and get started.

Find Training: If the job you want requires learning new skills, we can save you time with that, too. SkillPointe’s National Database of 50,000+ training programs will help you quickly find the right training near you.

Find Jobs: Already have the right skills? Jump to the job listings, where you'll find more than 300,000 active jobs. And we update the list every day.

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