What Started as a Welding Job Quickly Turned Into a Welding Career

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Vince McGill is proud to be a welder. (Video: Lincoln Electric)

Want to know what it's like to be a welder? Watch this video of Vince McGill, who explains why he chose this path — and is glad he did!

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My name is Vince McGill, and I'm a welder at Lincoln Electric.

I graduated high school when I was 16 years old. When I was going to school, we were pushed towards getting a four-year degree by my parents, teachers and counselors. At community college, I decided I really wasn't into school like I thought I should be, so I decided to go get a career, to get a skill. When you don't go to school, you look at things like a job. But when I got into welding, I realized this was going to be a career.

I can take this [skill] many places. I can become an engineer, an instructor, a CWI (certified welding inspector) — just so many different fields. I can make this into a career and not just a job.

Knowing that I can get a skill and I can make the same money I could make if I got a four-year degree is one of the best things I've ever accomplished.

This can be something I can do until I retire!

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