Why Consider a Career in HVAC? Better Question: Why Not??

Posted on May 10th, 2023
Jonathan Bevins and his uncle, Robert, are HVAC technicians

Jonathan Bivens is an HVAC technician at Air Texas Mechanical. Watch this video as he explains how he discovered this career and why he’s so happy he did!

* * * 

After high school I was struggling to find a career that would provide for my family and also give me a good quality of life. I bounced around trying to find the next best thing. When I finally sat down and listened to my uncle, Robert, he convinced me just to go and have a conversation with the school and listen to what they had to offer.

After listening to him, I quickly enrolled — and I have listened to him ever since. He has guided me in all of my life decisions, work and home related. I don't know if I'd be this far in this field without him. 

In my relatively short career in HVAC, I have started from the bottom step. Since then, I have worked my way up the ladder, and am now working on larger tonnage and problematic jobs. 

In the future, I hope to have a bigger role as well with more responsibilities thrown my way. 

In this industry, some of the benefits that I personally enjoy are the ability to be home every day. I have a family that is very important to me. 

We also have great insurance. We have a company gas card and a company vehicle that's provided — transportation to and from the worksite to home every day. There's also plenty of room for growth and development. 

This industry is growing rapidly. I do not think that we have near the workforce we need to compete with the growth [in the industry.] I think the technological advances that they are coming out with — every day, every year — are just going to keep putting us farther behind unless we get more qualified technicians to enter our field. 

I would tell [someone starting out in this job] to be patient with the time you need to put in. Try to learn every day! If you treat this as a career instead of a job, it will pay off tremendously.