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What Does a Bookkeeper Do?

A bookkeeper is an essential team member of a well-run business, no matter the size of the business. 

A bookkeeper — also called a bookkeeping clerk, accounting assistant, accounting specialist or accounting associate — organizes financial information and records transactions such as payments and invoices. A bookkeeper also collects and stores all financial records, including cash flow statements and reconciliation and loss statements.

Keeping track of all records clearly, accurately and confidentially is essential. That detailed work is what allows a bookkeeper to provide an up-to-date financial picture of a business.

The information and reports a bookkeeper provides help business owners make decisions and plan for the future. Experienced bookkeepers don’t just provide the numbers; they are also involved in the decision-making process.

In fact, that’s a great way for an entry-level clerk to think about this career. By improving their accounting skills, a new bookkeeper becomes more valuable to the company. Time and experience may also create opportunities to become more involved in discussions about the company’s future. 

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Young black female bookkeeper works on a computer crunching numbers
A bookkeeper’s eye for detail helps business owners stay on track. (Credit: Studio Romantic/Shutterstock)


  • Data entry
  • Keep track of all transaction details using bookkeeping software
  • Bank reconciliation, or cross-referencing, for accuracy 
  • Pay and issue invoices (accounts receivable and accounts payable)
  • Generate payroll
  • Create accurate financial reports, typically monthly
  • May file tax returns and end-of-year reporting

How To Become a Bookkeeper: FAQs

The bottom line:

Becoming a bookkeeper is a smart career move. If you’ve got a good head for numbers but aren’t interested in earning a bachelor’s degree, check out this career. The next step is finding training, and SkillPointe makes that easy too. Look below to get started!

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