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What Does a Software Developer Do?

The next time you’re posting on social media or using a computer program, thank the creative minds that made your task easier.  

Software developers conceive and design the computer programs behind everything from your favorite app or game to a computer operating system. They are needed across all industries. 

Some developers, called applications software developers, develop applications for mobile or desktop use. Others, called systems software developers, work on the operating systems that keep computers functioning properly. They may work on backend and frontend web applications, embedded software, computer networking software, software infrastructure or domain-specific software.

Depending on the size of the team, software developers may also use various programming languages, such as Java or Python, to write the code that drives the software. 

This is a job that requires the technical skills needed to get the task done and the soft skills needed to work with everyone involved. 

If this mixture sounds like you, keep reading to learn more about this creative, in-demand career and what kind of training you’ll need.

A software developer sits at a computer and writes code
Strong analytical skills and a knack for innovation drive the software development process. (Credit: Pressmaster/Shutterstock)


  • Research and understand users’ needs
  • Design and develop software programs, keeping in mind how the software will interact with other elements of the system 
  • Write code or translate the concept for a programmer to code
  • Test, maintain and improve applications
  • Document all aspects of the process
  • Recommend software upgrades

How To Become a Software Developer: FAQs

The bottom line:

If you have the mix of soft and hard skills for this in-demand career, you can expect to work hard and be paid well for your efforts. Take the first step and check out the training recommendations on SkillPointe.

Since technology is constantly changing, software developers like Rachel Meltzer are always learning and expanding their skillsets.

Day in the life of a software developer

Rachel Meltzer says it's time to put aside stereotypes about software developers, including what it takes to get and do this job. It boils down to an eagerness to learn.
“Regardless of having a degree or what your degree is in, technology is a rapidly changing industry that requires continuous on-the-job learning,” she says.

It's also a rewarding, fun career that involves a wider variety of skills than you may think. 

As she says, there's a lot more to this job than writing code.

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