Arizona Scholarships You Can Use for Skilled Jobs Training

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Finding scholarships and grants to support the training you need for a skilled job in Arizona isn’t as difficult as you might think.

A good starting point is to read through SkillPointe’s how-to guide for finding trade school scholarships. You’ll discover the initial steps you need to take, including filling out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, more commonly known as FAFSA. This federal form is necessary for almost all educational assistance. In addition, you'll learn:

  • Where to look for sources of funding, from the federal government and the school you want to attend to industry groups
  • Why program accreditation matters.
  • Nationally available scholarships for skills-based jobs.

After that, it's time to look for options at the state and community level.

Where to find scholarships in Arizona 

We found a wide selection of scholarships for Arizona residents and sorted them into two categories. The first group is managed by the state, and the second group includes scholarships run by community and business groups.

State scholarship programs

Arizona Leveraging Educational Assistance Partnership (AzLEAP)

Arizona residents with substantial financial need who are eligible for a federal Pell Grant can apply for this state grant. Applicants must be enrolled at least half-time as an undergraduate student in a regionally or nationally accredited Arizona postsecondary institution. Learn more about the AzLEAP program.

Arizona Board of Regents Tuition Waivers

The state Board of Regents, also called ABOR, offers tuition waivers for Purple Heart winners and the dependents of slain peace officers. Peace officers includes police, firefighters, emergency paramedics, military service personnel, correctional officers and National Guard members serving in Arizona. Learn more about the Arizona Board of Regents Tuition Waivers.

Spouses of Military Veterans’ Tuition Scholarship

The spouses of honorably discharged veterans who are residents of Arizona and are enrolled at an Arizona community college or university can receive free tuition on a first-come, first-served basis. Learn more about the Spouses of Military Veterans’ Tuition Scholarship.

The state also runs the Arizona Promise Program, which can be used to attend the state's public four-year universities. However, individual schools provide options, such as University of Arizona Transfer Tuition Scholarship, which make it easier for community college students to continue their education.

Community and business scholarship programs

Alcanzando Un Sueño Scholarship

High school seniors of Hispanic descent who meet GPA requirements and live in the metro Phoenix area can apply for this scholarship, which is designed to help Hispanic students achieve their postsecondary education goals. Applicants must include a letter of acceptance to a college, university or trade school and be bilingual in Spanish and English. Learn more about the Alcanzando Un Sueño Scholarship.

Arizona Business and Professional Women's (BPW) Foundation Scholarship

Female residents of Arizona who are 19 years or older and want to return to school at an Arizona community college to advance their current careers can apply for this scholarship. Learn more about the BPW Foundation Scholarship.

Arizona Community Foundation Scholarships

High school seniors, college students, graduate students and adult re-entry students can fill out one application to be considered for up to 150 scholarships created in partnership with the community foundation. (The scholarship application window opens in January.) The funds can be used to attend accredited technical schools, vocational schools as well as two- and four-year colleges and universities. Learn more about the Arizona Community Foundation Scholarships.

A.W. Bodine-Sunkist Scholarship

High school seniors and undergraduate students connected to the Arizona agriculture industry can apply for this scholarship, named after former Sunkist Director Arthur W. Bodine. GPA, financial need and an essay will be considered. The funds can be used to pursue any field of study at any school. Learn more about the A.W. Bodine-Sunkist Scholarship.

Beaty Martinez Foundation Scholarship

High school seniors with financial need who have been accepted to an Arizona community college or university can apply for this scholarship, which is intended to help the next generation of Arizona leaders. GPA requirements apply, and winners must attend school full-time. Learn more about the Beaty Martinez Foundation Scholarship.

CU Succeed Scholarship

Graduating high school seniors who meet GPA requirements can apply for this scholarship from Arizona Central Credit Union. Applicants must be accepted to an accredited community college, technical/trade school, college or university in Arizona and plan to attend full-time. Winners must be credit union members in good standing. Learn more about the CU Succeed Scholarship.

Davis Memorial Foundation Scholarship

Students who want to attend trade school or earn an associate or bachelor's degree that relates to the construction industry can apply for this $5,000 scholarship. Students with family connections to the roofing industry are encouraged to apply for this award, which is administered by the Western States Roofing Contractors Association (WSRCA) and is named after Larry and Mary Davis. Learn more about the Davis Memorial Foundation Scholarship.

Desert Financial Foundation scholarships

The foundation behind Desert Financial Credit Union offers a series of scholarships. One is for high school seniors with financial need who volunteer, one is for student athletes who have overcome obstacles and a third is for adults (over the age of 25) who have financial need and plan to enroll in an accredited college, university or certification program in Arizona. Learn more about the Desert Financial Foundation scholarships.

Executive Women International (EWI) Scholarship Programs

High school students enrolled in a school located within the boundaries of participating EWI chapters (Phoenix and Tucson in Arizona) can apply for this group of scholarships. The annual scholarship can be used to pursue an associate, bachelor's or master's degree. Academic achievement, leadership qualities, good citizenship and extracurricular activities will be considered. The Adult Students in Scholastic Transition (ASIST) Scholarship focuses on transitional students, including those with physical or economic need, those well-beyond high school who are entering postsecondary education or the workforce for the first time, those seeking reskilling, or non-traditional students already enrolled in trade school, college or university. In addition to the degrees mentioned, this scholarship can be applied toward certificate programs. Learn more about the Executive Women International Scholarship Program and the ASIST Scholarship.

Horatio Alger Arizona Career & Technical Education Scholarship

Residents with critical financial need under the age of 35 can apply for this scholarship, which can be used to pursue an associate degree, certificate or diploma program that will lead to employment. Learn more about the Horatio Alger Arizona Career & Technical Education Scholarship.

InspirASIAN Scholarship

This scholarship is for graduating high school seniors who want to pursue postsecondary education in the fall and who reside in specific states, including Arizona. The award can be used for any accredited two-year or four-year institution. GPA, citizenship and residency requirements apply, but students of any ethnic background are eligible. Learn more about the InspirASIAN Scholarship Program.

Keep Your Chin Up Scholarship

Arizona residents older than 25 who have graduated from high school can apply for this scholarship, created by the Keown family to honor their father, who taught them perseverance and determination. The family created a second scholarship for residents older than 25 who are pursuing a certification or degree in healthcare. All applicants must show financial need and proof of enrollment to earn an associate or bachelor's degree, vocational certificate or certification. Learn more about the Keep Your Chin Up Scholarship.

HUSTLE Hearts Foundation Scholarship

High school seniors of Hispanic heritage can apply for this scholarship to attend a community college or university in the fall of the same year. GPA requirements apply. Learn more about the HUSTLE Hearts Foundation Scholarship.

Mesa College Promise

Graduating high school seniors who live in the city of Mesa can apply for this scholarship to attend Mesa Community College. The funds are intended to bridge the gap for applicants who have applied for FAFSA and other funding but still don't have enough money to attend. The program is funded by a public-private partnership. Learn more about the Mesa College Promise.

Passageway Scholarship Foundation

Any student who has participated in a Rite of Passage (ROP) program can apply for this scholarship, which can be used for tuition and books at community college, trade school or university. ROP programs include academy, charter school or transition programs that help youths and families succeed. Learn more about the Passageway Scholarship Program.

Phoenix Pride Scholarship

High school seniors, current college students and adult re-entry students in the Phoenix community who identify as LGBTQ+ can apply for this scholarship. The funds can be used to attend any type of FAFSA-accredited postsecondary school. Learn more about the Phoenix Pride Scholarship.

ScholasTIC Tourette's Supporters Scholarship

High school seniors or first-year postsecondary students who have Tourette Syndrome can apply for this scholarship. Tourette Syndrome is a nervous system disorder that causes the person to make repetitive movements or unusual sounds. The funds can be used to attend community college, trade school, vocational programs or university. Priority will be given to residents of Arizona, California, Colorado, Nevada, Oregon and the state of Washington. Learn more about the ScholasTIC Tourette's Supporters Scholarship.

Simon Youth Foundation Greg Saunders Legacy and Shari Simon Greenberg Community scholarship programs

These scholarships are for students with financial need who are the children of full-time or part-time Simon Property Group employees and who plan to enroll full-time at an accredited two- or four-year institution, including vocational and technical schools. Learn more about the Simon Youth Foundation scholarships.

Shared Energy Future Foundation Trades Scholarship

Graduating high school seniors or incoming trade school students can apply for this scholarship if they reside in specific western states, including Arizona, and are interested in pursuing disciplines related to energy. Fields include automotive, carpentry, commercial driver’s license programs, electrical, HVAC (heating, ventilation & air conditioning), welding, instrumentation & control technology or machining process technology. Applicants will be considered based on financial need, academic performance and participation in extracurricular activities. Learn more about the Shared Energy Future Foundation Trades Scholarship.

TheDream.US Scholarship Program

Offered in 24 states, this scholarship helps low-income, undocumented students who are eligible for in-state tuition at specific schools. The scholarship team partners with more than 80 institutions that have a good track record of helping first-generation students. Types of partner schools vary by state and include two- and four-year institutions and some online colleges. Learn more about TheDream.US Scholarship program.

Warrick Dunn Charities' Hearts for Community Service Scholarship

This $5,000 scholarship is intended to create better access to higher-paying jobs and economic stability for those who need financial help to attend a postsecondary institution. Students can use the award toward trade school, an associate degree or a bachelor's degree. Learn more about the Warrick Dunn Charities' Hearts for Community Service Scholarship.

Additional tips for finding scholarships in Arizona

One of your best resources is a school guidance counselor. This person will likely be busy, so schedule an appointment and let them share what they know about scholarships and local opportunities.

Our list is a solid starting point for your scholarship search, but there are hundreds of additional options available. Give yourself plenty of time to get organized, apply for as many scholarships as you can and send in your materials early.

With perseverance, you may be able to find enough scholarship and grant money to get the education you want without debt!

Please help us improve this page. If we've left off a scholarship or grant that could help students who want to attend community college, technical school or trade school, send an email to

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