Carpenter Matthew McVay: 'The Opportunity To Make Money Is Definitely There'

Posted on May 7th, 2021
Matthew McVay, Home Depot carpenter ambassador

When Matthew McVay was younger, he hopped around between jobs. He was a bartender, a salesman, even a tree farmer. But he’s had the most joy and success with the career he eventually landed on 17 years ago — a carpenter.

"Our job is to solve problems and that’s part of the pride that goes into our work,” he says about carpentry. What’s more, he’s not sitting behind a desk, worried about quarterly reports and paperwork. "The single thing I like most about the job is there’s next to no take-home stress," he explained, adding that carpentry is the kind of work where you can see measurable progress each day. "You’ve got a wall up that wasn’t there the day before."

He now owns and operates his own Ohio-based company. "The way the job opportunities seem to be coming, there’s not a slowdown in sight. We’re booked out for the next three years with further opportunities."

McVay thinks there’s a common misconception about the skilled trades — that it’s a career path for people without options. But he believes the opposite is true. "I see people who choose to do this as a profession because they see it as a legitimate opportunity to be able to provide for their families. And the opportunity to make money is definitely there. I don't know any of my friends that are making the kind of money that I'm making right now. So, it feels pretty good."