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At SkillPointe, you’ll find all types of training opportunities. We partner with training providers to help you find the specialized courses you’ll need to get started in this career. We can show you which colleges and schools near you offer audio visual certifications, programs and other AV training opportunities. 

To learn more about this career, read our AV technician career information page. It's full of helpful advice on training requirements, how much you can earn and the skills that employers look for when they're hiring.

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Salt Lake City

Visual Art & Design - Photography Emphasis, A.A.S.

Students with an aptitude in creative problem solving, drawing, design, photography and/or computer related visual communication should consider this...
Palomar College
San Marcos

Sound Technician Apprenticeship

Sound Technician (AP SC) is a four-year apprenticeship program (see Inside Wireman “Electrician” and Sound Technician Programs). Students will work in... Read More
Salt Lake City

Film Production Technician, A.A.S.

The Film Production Technician program provides students with the specialized knowledge required to perform a wide variety of tasks encountered in the...
Salt Lake City

Music Recording Technology, A.A.S.

The Music Recording Technology AAS degree program will provide students with the required skills to perform high-level tasks in the music recording...
Salt Lake City

Music Recording Technology Certificate of Proficiency

This certificate program is part of the music program’s participation in the college-wide “stackable credentials” initiative to create certificates...
Salt Lake City

Video or Radio Production, A.A.S.

The Communication Department offers an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree in Video Production or Radio Production. This degree gives students...

Visual Communications Photography Concentration, A.A.S.

Visual communications students learn to communicate messages, emotions, and ideas through the use of images and words. Students gain experience with...
Daytona Beach

Audio/Recording Technology Certificate

The purpose of this program is to prepare students for initial employment as a sound technician or recording technician, or to provide supplemental...

Digital Media/Multimedia Technology, A.S.

Whether you are interested in 3-D animation, videography or sound design, our Associate in Science (A.S.) in Digital Media/Multimedia Technology...

Digital Video Production College Credit Certificate

The digital video production certificate equips you for an entry-level job in digital video production. Our 10-room editing and production suite...
Fort Pierce

Digital Media Technology, A.S.

Start with an Associate Degree, and develop skills to communicate concepts; create an animation or develop a simulation; model design concepts; apply...

Telecommunications Engineering Technology, A.S.

The Telecommunications Engineering Technology program prepares students for work as technicians in the field of telecommunications engineering. No...

Audio Technology College Credit Certificate

The Audio Technology Program is an intensive practical and theoretical training program that focuses on the foundation of sound engineering, designed...
Lake Worth

Recording Arts Certificate

Learn the latest Pro Tools® software that allows musicians to mix tracks and create recordings digitally. Graduates will be ready to assist in...

Digital Media/Multimedia Certificate

The Digital Media/Multimedia Certificate prepares students for employment as broadcast technicians, sound engineering technicians, and audio and video...

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