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What Does an AV Technician Do?

Good AV technicians are rarely seen or heard, but their work behind the scenes ensures that a client’s message is loud and clear. Audio video technicians set up and run the sound and video equipment used to conduct and share live events including meetings, classes, sporting events, conventions, news conferences and concerts.

AV technicians operate audio and video equipment including microphones, sound speakers, video screens, projectors, video monitors, recording equipment, sound and mixing boards. AV technicians may also set up and operate custom lighting systems. They connect wires and cables, set up rooms according to diagrams and they may also do electrical wiring and basic construction.

AV technicians work in many commercial and residential settings. Both focus on creating the best user experience, but commercial AV techs typically interact with a go-between while residential AV techs typically interact with the people who will be using the equipment every day. They often work nights and weekends.

great meter


Our one-of-kind Opportunity Meter rates jobs based on salary, current openings and future demand to help you choose the career that is best for you.
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Jobs Available
AV technicians set up and operate audio and video equipment for broadcasts and live events
Once the broadcast or event has started, much of an AV technician’s work has already been done. If it’s done well, the presentation will be seamless. (Credit: ThisisEngineering RAEng/Unsplash)
Duties + Responsibilities
  • Set up and operate sound and video equipment
  • Confer with clients to establish directions and timing
  • Create and install custom lighting systems
  • Monitor sound and video feeds to ensure quality
  • Test and resolve equipment issues
  • Mix sound inputs and feeds
  • Maintain inventory of equipment
Education + Training

Employers require a high school diploma or equivalent for an entry-level position. AV technicians wishing to advance in the field will benefit from an associate degree in audiovisual technology or digital media. Degree programs cover the basics of audio technology, video technology, projection systems, film and TV production and post-production techniques, lighting and computer graphics. Some employers look for Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) certification.

You May be a Fit for this Position If You
  • Have a good eye for image quality and a good ear for sound 
  • Have good communication skills
  • Like to travel and enjoy a changing work environment
  • Are good at troubleshooting
  • Are comfortable working with computers
  • Are physically fit and can lift heavy equipment

AV Technician training in your area


Telecommunication, A.A.

Henry Ford College
Dearborn (0.0 Miles)

Filmmaking Audio Post- Production Enhanced Skills Certificate

Houston Community College
Houston (0.0 Miles)

Communication: Media, A.S.

Manchester Community College (CT)
Manchester (0.0 Miles)

Audio Recording, A.S. CT

Vincennes University
Vincennes (0.0 Miles)

Digital Arts Certificate

Montcalm Community College
Sidney (0.0 Miles)

Digital Media/Multimedia Technology, A.S.

Florida State College at Jacksonville
Jacksonville (0.0 Miles)

Technical Theatre: Audio Technician Certificate

Glendale Community College
Glendale (0.0 Miles)

Music Technology, A.A.S.

Calhoun Community College
Tanner (0.0 Miles)

Video Production Certificate

Madison Area Technical College
Madison (0.0 Miles)

Simulation and Game Development Certificate

Wayne Community College
Goldsboro (0.0 Miles)

Sound and Music Technology, A.S.

Valencia College
Orlando (0.0 Miles)

Recording Engineering Certificate

Central Arizona College
Coolidge (0.0 Miles)
Meet Ambassador Travis Lemon
Travis Lemon installs wall-mounted TVs and home theater systems, among other things.
Meet Ambassador Travis Lemon

Travis Lemon didn’t have any idea that he was even interested in electronics. But the 38-year-old West Virginia native started selling TVs — and then delivering and installing them. From there, his new career as an AV technician took off.

His favorite part of the job? "I like delivering the 'Wow' factor." 

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Virtual Meeting/Broadcast/AV Production Technicians- Open Call

Evanston ( 0.0 ) Miles
Posted 6 months 3 weeks ago

Video Production Specialist

Fortinet Inc
Sunnyvale ( 0.0 ) Miles
Posted 1 year 2 months ago

Equipment Technician

Soboba Casino
San Jacinto ( 0.0 ) Miles
Posted 4 months 2 weeks ago

Video Production Specialist I

Liberty University
Lynchburg ( 0.0 ) Miles
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Audio-Visual Tech.

HEI Hotels & Resorts
Herndon ( 0.0 ) Miles
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Information Technology Visual Specialist

Fort Sill ( 0.0 ) Miles
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Part Time Production Assistant

Hearst Communications
Winston Salem ( 0.0 ) Miles
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Coordinator, Visual Effects

Paramount Pictures
Hollywood ( 0.0 ) Miles
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