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Find Laboratory Technician Schools Near You

SkillPointe's laboratory technician training page helps you find the best lab tech training program near you.

To learn more about the career, check out our laboratory technician career information page. It has tips on the kind of work you'll do, necessary training, salary range and more.

GET STARTED: Narrow your search by ZIP code, then follow each training program link to the provider's website.  

Salt Lake City

Clinical Lab Assistant Certificate of Achievement

The Clinical Lab Assistant Program will provide students with the necessary knowledge and skills to competently perform the duties of an entry level...

Montgomery General Hospital Laboratory Technician Internship

Entry level work experience at Montgomery General Hospital.  Montgomery General will host up to 15 interns from various programs including: Nursing...

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Salt Lake City

Microscopy Certificate of Proficiency

The Microscopy Certificate of Proficiency Program will provide students with skills in basic optical, electron, and scanning probe microscopy...
Coeur d'Alene

Medical Laboratory Technology, A.A.S.

The Medical Laboratory Technology (MLT) program prepares graduates to work as medical lab technicians qualified to perform various laboratory...

Medical Laboratory Technology, A.A.S.

Are you interested in medical science and enjoy working with the latest technology? Become a Medical Lab Technologist and play a vital role in the...

Medical Laboratory Technology, A.S.

The Associate in Science (A.S.) in Medical Laboratory Technology degree prepares students to become a medical laboratory technician with unlimited...

Medical Laboratory Science Advanced Technical Certificate

The medical laboratory science advanced technical certificate is designed to prepare students who have Bachelor's degrees in chemistry or biology for...
Fort Pierce

Medical Laboratory Technology, A.S.

Medical laboratory technologists enjoy careers as part of the emerging biotechnology field and diagnostic healthcare team. They process body fluids...

Clinical Laboratory Sciences, A.S.

This two-year Associate in Science degree program prepares students to work as part of the health care delivery team in a hospital, private clinical...

Medical Laboratory, A.A.S.

The Medical Laboratory Technician Program's mission is to provide high-quality education and opportunities for students to reach their academic goals...

Medical Laboratory Technology, A.A.S.

Medical laboratory technicians are an important part of the medical diagnostic team. They perform tests in all areas of the clinical laboratory. A...

Clinical Lab Science, A.A.S.

Proper treatment of healthcare patients always depends on an accurate diagnosis. Now more than ever, physicians rely on laboratory test results to...
Las Vegas

Medical Laboratory Technician, A.A.S.

The Medical Laboratory Technician (MLT) is an important member of the health care team in hospitals, clinics, medical research, and teaching centers...

Histologic Technology Certificate

The Certificate of Completion (CCL) in Histologic Technology program prepares students to provide clinical support to pathologists and researchers...

Histologic Technology, A.A.S.

The Associate in Applied Science (AAS) in Histologic Technology program prepares students to provide clinical support to pathologists and researchers...

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