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Our phlebotomist training page covers the programs you need, including certified phlebotomist courses near you. Find courses that suit your needs, and sign up to get qualified. 

Want to know what the job of a phlebotomist is like? Check out the phlebotomist career information page to see what’s involved in the day-to-day work, and learn how much you can earn in this in-demand job.

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Healthcare Specialist Program - Phlebotomy Technician Certificate

Students in the Healthcare Specialist program are able to study a wide variety of certification options, including Dementia Care, Phlebotomy, Pharmacy...

Phlebotomy License

Phlebotomists collect blood specimens from patients and blood donors for tests, transfusions, research purposes and donations. They are employed by...
Daytona Beach

Phlebotomy (Limited Access Program) Vocational Certificate

A phlebotomist is an individual who is trained to collect blood specimens to be used in diagnostic laboratory tests from patients. They must have...
Fort Pierce

Phlebotomy Career Training

Phlebotomists enjoy rewarding careers as vital members of the healthcare team―trained to draw blood for tests, transfusions, donations or research...

Phlebotomy Technician Career Technical Certificate

The Phlebotomy Technician program is designed to prepare students for employment in a hospital laboratory, blood center, or other health care facility...
New Port Richey

Phlebotomist Technical Credit Certificate

The purpose of this program is to train students for employment as blood bank or plasma center donor screeners, or as phlebotomists. Employment skills...

Phlebotomy Certificate

The goal of the Phlebotomy Program is to train professional phlebotomists proficient in communication, leadership, human relations and employability...

Phelbotomy Technician Certificate

The Phlebotomy Technician program educates students to collect blood and process blood and body fluids. Phlebotomy technicians typically work in...

Phelbotomy Technician Specialist Certificate

The Phlebotomy Technician program educates students to collect blood and process blood and body fluids. Phlebotomy technicians typically work in...

Laboratory Phlebotomy Certificate

The Laboratory Phlebotomy Short-Term Certificate is a skills-oriented program designed to educate and train persons to skillfully collect blood...

Phlebotomy Certificate

This program prepares students for entry-level software development positions in the high demand field of mobile application development. Students...


Proper treatment of healthcare patients always depends on an accurate diagnosis, and blood tests are often an important factor in that process. A...

I-BEST Phlebotomy Certificate

The Phlebotomist Certificate is one of the I-BEST options that provides both basic education and workforce skills. Students who successfully complete...

Phlebotomy Certificate

The Certificate of Completion (CCL) in Phlebotomy program is designed to prepare a person to obtain blood specimens by skin puncture and venipuncture...

Phlebotomy Certificate

Learn the skills needed to work as a medical phlebotomist while preparing to take exams for national certification

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