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Energy Solar Energy Technician
Salary Range Jobs Available
$35,600 - $65,300 2,500+

What Does a Solar Energy Technician Do?

The solar power industry is booming. It’s a smart time to take advantage of the job opportunities — and abundant sunshine — and become a solar energy technician. 

These technicians — also called solar technicians, solar techs, solar panel installers, solar energy photovoltaic installers or solar photovoltaic installers — assemble, install and maintain solar panels on homes, businesses or open land. 

Solar technicians install photovoltaic solar panels or PV panels, which convert sunshine into energy. They may also work with solar thermal panels, which capture the sun’s rays for usable heat. Depending on state laws, solar PV installers may connect the panels to the electrical grid.

Solar is a rare opportunity. It's a field that's growing, and solar technician is a career that requires a short preparation time yet pays a solid salary. If focused, on-the-job paid training sounds like a career plan that would work for your life, keep reading.

A solar technician installs solar panels with a sunset in the background
Solar technician jobs are projected to grow more than 60% during the next decade. (Credit: Sonpichit Salangsing/Shutterstock)


  • Design a solar panel system based on customer needs and structural conditions
  • Assemble and install the racking, panels and electrical equipment
  • Connect the panels to the electrical system
  • Activate and test the solar panel system
  • Perform system maintenance
  • Troubleshoot electrical problems

How To Become A Solar Energy Technician: FAQs

The bottom line:

There’s no doubting the demand for this job. (That's why it's one of 6 skilled jobs that are in demand now.) If you’re someone who communicates well, likes fixing things and working outside, this is a career that promises good pay without the need to earn a four-year degree. Check out the training options near you.

Michael Crawford, solar technician for Sunrun

What it's like to be a solar technician

Michael Crawford learned about the solar industry through his work as an electrician, a job he’d held since graduating from high school. He was surprised and encouraged by what he saw — and he decided to take the leap.

He has no regrets about the move. In fact, now that Michael is a solar technician for Sunrun, he can’t imagine doing anything else. 

One of the best parts of the job is solving problems. “I love having to figure things out that might stump someone else. Being that guy always gives me real satisfaction.” 

Learn more about why he loves being a solar energy technician.

Find Solar Energy Technician Training In Your Area

Salt Lake City

Solar Photovoltaic Installation Certificate

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Solar Turbines Apprenticeship, A.S.

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Solar Turbines Apprenticeship Certificate of Achievement

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Electronics Engineering Technology Solar Energy Specialization, A.S.

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Fort Pierce

Solar Energy Technical Certificate

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Solar Energy Systems Specialist College Credit Certificate

Solar energy is a free renewable energy source that is available practically everywhere around the world. Solar based energy systems are clean, green...
Lake Worth

Electrical Power Technology Degree

Our labs, equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, from Instrumentation & Control training stations: process control modules, temperature control...
Lake Worth

Engineering Technology - Alternative Energy Systems Degree

The Engineering Technology program is designed for the student who is seeking an A.S. degree and preparing for a career in the engineering technology...
Lake Worth

Residential and Commercial Electrician Certificate

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Renewable Energy Technology, A.A.S

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Solar Photovoltaic Certificate

This Certificate prepares students to work in the solar industry with hands-on applications and NABCEP-focused instruction. The program focuses on...

Electrical Systems Technology - Solar Photovoltaic Track, A.A.S.

This curriculum is designed to provide training for persons interested in the installation and maintenance of electrical systems found in residential...
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