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Find Architectural Drafting Training Schools Near You

Help build the future. Find the best architectural drafting schools near you that offer a program to get you started. 

Need more information? Check out the architectural drafter career information page. It explains everything you need to know about this in-demand career — from starting salary to the day-to-day routine.

GET STARTED: Narrow your search by ZIP code, then follow each training program link to the provider's website.  

Salt Lake City

Engineering Drafting and Manufacturing Technology Certificate of Completion

Engineering Design/Drafting Technology is a profession that encompasses a variety of engineering disciplines that are always in high demand...

Sheet Metal Worker Apprenticeship, A.S.

This Associate's degree program enables students enrolled in the CCAC certificate for sheet metal apprentices to continue with their education and...

Sheet Metal Worker Apprenticeship Certificate

This four-year certificate program offers qualifying applicants occupational training under the sponsorship of the local Joint Apprenticeship...

TTC Adult Apprentices

Apprenticeship Opportunities available 

Construction:    HVAC Technician       Welder      Electrician      Architectural Drafter      Civil Engineer...

Construction Trades Apprenticeship, A.A.S

The labor market outlook for all construction trades in Oregon is projected to be strong and steady, with seasonal variations, through 2019, with... Read More

Construction Trades Apprenticeship, A.A.S

The purpose of this program is to provide a structured system of training in construction trades or occupations, leading to certification and journey... Read More

Architecture and Construction Youth Apprenticeship

The Youth Apprenticeship (YA) program is a rigorous one- or two-year elective statewide program that combines academic and technical instruction with... Read More
Salt Lake City

AutoCAD 2018 Certified User (Online) Certificate of Completion

Whether you're already working in a design-related industry or building your career from the ground up, AutoCAD courses will provide you with a...
Salt Lake City

AutoCAD 3D 2018 (Online) Certificate of Completion

If you are proficient with the 2D commands in the AutoCAD 2018 software, this online course introduces you to the concepts and methods of 3D modeling...
Salt Lake City

AutoCAD 2018 with AutoCAD 3D 2018 (Online) Certificate of Completion

Your career is anything but flat. As you develop your design skills, you'll open new doors in architecture, interior design, engineering, and a number...
Salt Lake City

Autdesk Revit Architecture (Online-Voucher Included)

This online course is designed to teach you the Autodesk Revit functionality as you would work with it throughout the architectural design process...

Design Technology - Computer Aided Design Certificate

The Design Technology program prepares students for challenging professions in the design disciplines. In conjunction with their academic advisor...

Design Technology Technical Certificate

The Design Technology program prepares students for challenging professions in the design disciplines. In conjunction with their academic advisor...

Computer Aided Design - Archietechtural Concentration

This 18-credit-hour certificate program is designed to prepare you for CAD operator’s position in the fields of architecture and engineering. Upon...

Architecural Engineering Technology Associate in Science

The Architectural Engineering Technology (ARET) program combines architecture and engineering theory with applied hands-on activities in NHTI’s well...

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