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Young woman wearing blue jean jacket and carrying a notebook shrugs
A female carpenter uses a miter saw to cut a piece of wood in the shop


Median Salary: $44,100
Jobs Available: 102,500+

If you like working with your hands and creating things from scratch, consider this career. Carpenters are always in demand, and learning never stops.

Male casino manager in a suit sits at a gaming table in a casino

Casino Manager

Median Salary: $68,200
Jobs Available: 3,800+

This is a role that requires a calm demeanor and excellent customer service skills. If a social atmosphere appeals, take a look at this career.

Certified nursing assistants provide hands-on care to patients

Certified Nursing Assistant

Median Salary: $35,200
Jobs Available: 192,500+

Want to be part of a healthcare team that makes a difference every day? Consider this role if you want to get started quickly in a job that provides direct patient care.

Young female chef takes a break from food prep

Chef and Head Cook

Median Salary: $54,900
Jobs Available: 21,900+

If you love cooking, are creative and possess a strong work ethic, this career is worth considering. Plus, you can take this job in several directions.

A civil engineer technician will often visit project sites and evaluate plans to make sure they conform to design specifications and applicable codes.

Civil Engineering Technician

Median Salary: $58,700
Jobs Available: 7,000+

Here's a career for a quick thinker who would get satisfaction out of saving time, money and materials on construction projects.

A construction equipment operator will manage an excavator to clear the way for a new road

Construction Equipment Operator

Median Salary: $53,200
Jobs Available: 49,400+

These in-demand operators run the big machines — think excavators, backhoes and pile drivers — and they keep construction sites humming.

Correctional officer walks through prison aisle

Correctional Officer

Median Salary: $49,400
Jobs Available: 32,700+

If you want to help keep the public safe and serve your community, this career could be a good fit for you.

A criminal investigator takes photos at a crime scene

Criminal Investigator

Median Salary: $83,500
Jobs Available: 8,500+

Here's an opportunity to serve your community. CIs gather facts and collect evidence to help solve crimes. They play an integral role in the justice system.

data security management skills include the ability to evaluate a computer network’s ability to protect sensitive information

Data Security Management

Median Salary: $108,200
Jobs Available: 16,000+

As cyberattacks become more common, these crucial gatekeepers make sure an organization’s data is secure.

A database administrator runs a test to ensure a database is secure and runs properly

Database Administrator

Median Salary: $112,300
Jobs Available: 13,500+

Companies that want to better understand their customers use database science to do it. The people who make that possible are DBAs.