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A surgical technologist works in an operating room with the surgical team

Surgical Technologist

Median Salary: $55,500
Jobs Available: 9,400+

If you aren’t squeamish and you like the idea of being in an operating room, you should consider becoming a 'scrub tech.'

Good survey technicians possess unique skills, including a clear understanding of geometry and the ability to take concise measurements of an area.

Surveying and Mapping Technicians

Median Salary: $47,800
Jobs Available: 7,800+

These technicians help determine the exact route of a road or the borders of a plot of land. If you are precise, take a closer look at these jobs.

Two systems analysts in front of a bank of servers, keeping computer systems running efficiently

Systems Analyst

Median Salary: $97,500
Jobs Available: 49,100+

Systems analysts are the investigators of the digital realm. They study databases and determine how to make them more efficient.

A teacher assistant helps two students with classwork

Teacher Assistant

Median Salary: $30,900
Jobs Available: 137,000+

Keeping a class of students engaged is no easy task, which is why many teachers rely on the help of TAs. Here's what it takes to get into this rewarding career.

A technical writer meets with a team to brainstorm ideas

Technical Writer

Median Salary: $77,500
Jobs Available: 5,700+

If you understand complex information and are able to translate it into easy-to-understand language, take a closer look at this career.

A training and development specialist leads a focus group

Training and Development Specialist

Median Salary: $62,800
Jobs Available: 37,700+

Do you enjoy helping teams function better? If so, and you're good with people, take a closer look at this career.

Truck driver stands in front of cars he is transporting to a dealership

Truck Driver

Median Salary: $49,900
Jobs Available: 258,600+

If the open road inspires you and you don’t mind being alone, here’s a job to consider.

Two veterinary technicians work with a dog

Vet Technician

Median Salary: $38,400
Jobs Available: 12,400+

If your idea of the perfect job involves working with animals all day, here's an in-demand, rewarding career to consider.

Two welders cut metal in an automotive factory


Median Salary: $46,700
Jobs Available: 56,700+

This is a smart career choice for anyone looking for a hands-on career with long-term satisfaction and the chance to work almost anywhere.

Wind turbine technicians inspect a turbine at a wind farm

Wind Turbine Technician

Median Salary: $59,000
Jobs Available: 1,300+

If you want a career that will take you to new heights, this job delivers — literally. Learn more about this in-demand job.