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80 Careers

Female power plant operator inspecting equipment

Power Plant Operator

Median Salary: $91,600
Jobs Available: 2,600+

Operators are a key link in the nation’s energy chain. They make sure the machines that generate electricity are running smoothly — and the lights stay on at every home, business and factory.

A black female preschool teacher helps three preschool students learn their shapes

Preschool Teacher

Median Salary: $34,100
Jobs Available: 57,900+

If you love kids and want a calling — not just a job — look no further. This is career will keep you on your toes and reward you with deep satisfaction.

A radiology tech consults with a doctor before scanning a patient

Radiology Technician

Median Salary: $66,100
Jobs Available: 17,300+

These skilled healthcare professionals look inside the human body with only imaging equipment — no scalpel required.

A real estate appraiser completes a form that notes the condition of a house

Real Estate Appraiser

Median Salary: $91,100
Jobs Available: 6,600+

Love looking at real estate? This is a career that will allow you to work at the heart of the local real estate market while helping provide a valuable service.

Respiratory therapist uses an inhaler to help a young girl experiencing breathing problems

Respiratory Therapist

Median Salary: $70,000
Jobs Available: 10,400+

Are you a problem-solver? If you have good interpersonal skills and want to work directly with patients, respiratory therapy could be for you.

A security alarm installer adjusts a surveillance camera

Security Alarm Tech / Installer

Median Salary: $50,500
Jobs Available: 9,800+

If you're a natural problem-solver and possess good customer service skills, this is a career to consider.

A female semiconductor technician wearing a clean suit examines an integrated circuit in a clean room in a manufacturing facility.

Semiconductor Technician

Median Salary: $43,100
Jobs Available: 3,200+

Want to be a part of the made-in-the-USA semiconductor revolution? This career is a great way to get in early and grow your career from there.

A social services assistant checks on an elderly client in a medical setting

Social Services Assistant

Median Salary: $37,900
Jobs Available: 58,600+

This highly rewarding career doesn't require years of training, yet it's a job where you can make a difference. Plus, the predicted job growth is 12%!

A software developer sits at a computer and writes code

Software Developer

Median Salary: $91,200
Jobs Available: 205,800+

This in-demand career requires a mixture of hard and soft skills to bring an app or system from concept to reality.

A solar technician installs solar panels with a sunset in the background

Solar Energy Technician

Median Salary: $45,000
Jobs Available: 2,500+

As the world embraces renewable energy, jobs in solar are taking off. Learn more about photovoltaic design and installation and why it’s a solid career.