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A dental assistant prepares dental equipment for a procedure

Dental Assistant

Median Salary: $43,800
Jobs Available: 48,000+

Dental assistants make dental offices run more efficiently. They help patients feel comfortable and help hygienists and dentists do their jobs. State

A dental hygienist cleans a patient’s teeth

Dental Hygienist

Median Salary: $82,100
Jobs Available: 16,700+

Good dental health is a team effort. These skilled professionals take a leading role in providing preventative oral care under a dentist's supervision.

Diesel mechanic inspects a truck engine

Diesel Mechanic

Median Salary: $53,600
Jobs Available: 30,300+

Learn what a diesel mechanic or diesel technician does, how and where to get training, salary range and what it's like to do this job.

A dietetic technician helps people understand the role of good nutrition for healing and a healthy life

Dietetic Technician

Median Salary: $66,000
Jobs Available: 6,100+

In this role, you can learn a life-changing skill: helping people understand and embrace the importance of healthy eating.

An electronics engineering technician tests a product in a lab for EMC compliance

Electrical and Electronics Engineering Technician

Median Salary: $74,700
Jobs Available: 18,500+

These skilled technicians go by many names and are needed in many industries for their expertise in electrical systems and circuitry.

Electrical linemen work on a power line pole

Electrical Lineman

Median Salary: $84,200
Jobs Available: 11,300+

Do you get a thrill out of living on the edge but take safety seriously? If you do, and don’t mind heights, this is a job worth exploring.

An electrician installs wiring


Median Salary: $60,600
Jobs Available: 89,100+

If you're a natural problem-solver and enjoy a challenge, consider this in-demand career. Companies are eager to find entry-level workers.

Electromechanical technicians maintain equipment like the robotic arm in a car factory

Electro-Mechanical Technician

Median Salary: $61,300
Jobs Available: 1,100+

The future of manufacturing is cooler than you think. These technicians keep all the robotic equipment and mechatronics working smoothly.

paramedics stabilize a female patient on a gurney in front of an ambulance

EMTs and Paramedics

Median Salary: $43,300
Jobs Available: 21,000+

If you like helping people in your community, learn what it takes to become an essential medical responder.

An environmental field technician collects a water sample

Environmental Field Technician

Median Salary: $48,100
Jobs Available: 4,800+

These technicians protect public health by taking samples of air, soil and water and conducting tests on those samples.